Our 4 Year Old’s Easter Basket

I am overcompensating with Easter Gifts this year. I am fully aware that this is quite a few gifts for the kiddo, but I’m okay with that. I am making up for how fast she is needing to grow up right now. I’m making up for a sick daddy that sleeps a ton and is getting grumpier as the cancer takes over his brain. I am making up for a stressed out and grumpy mommy that is pulled in too many directions and is sad and scared and angry at the world. I’m making up for the possibility that this could be the last Easter we have daddy for. I’m doing everything I can to give that girl a great day with her family. As stress free and magical as we can make it, because she is four and she deserves it.

I know this doesn’t make up for not having a mommy as calm as I would like the rest of the time, but for right now this is what I have in me to handle. And I’m doing the best I can to be calm and fun and loving the rest of the days. Some days I just don’t meet my expectations no matter how hard I try.

In previous years Pepper would get a handful of small gifts and a bit of candy and she was ecstatic. We’re Atheists and really just celebrate Easter as another day to give our kiddo gifts. Gifts are my love language. This year I’m guilt shopping and her Easter basket is overflowing. She is going to absolutely love everything though and I’m excited for a fun day with my happy kiddo.


Her Easter usually consists of a bit of candy and some surprise toys. I don’t think they are worth the money, but she loves them so much. She gets a basket with blind bags and other random surprise toys and she loves it. This year she is getting:

  • A USA puzzle
  • Part Pop Teenies with 10 surprises
  • Mini Fingerlings bracelet
  • Soft Spot Puppies 5 pack
  • 5 surprise
  • Bananas Peel to Reveal Squishy Animal
  • Pikmi Pops Surprise
  • 5pk Hatchimals
  • Lost Kitties Blind Box
  • An Easter themed sticker and pencil set
  • two Melty Bead kits
  • Easter Connect 4 game
  • An I Love Lucy nightlight, change purse, and mini tin
  • A Lego Friends Mission Vehicle play set

The Lego set is what her egg hunt eggs are filled with. She gets to find the eggs and then build the set.

This may or not seem like a lot of toys compared to what you do for your children, but it’s at least double what we have done any other year for our daughter.


I have also added last minute some Dungeons and Dragons gaming dice because she wants to play with us and a hand crocheted dice bag that is very similar to mine.

Do you go all out for Easter or keep it simple?

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