Super Mom Tag

I don’t know who the original creator of this tag is. If you know please let me know and I’ll link them. There are 10 questions.


1) How many kids do you have and what age?

I have one four year old daughter.

2) Do you feel you have it all together most days? Cleaning/ laundry/beauty etc

I feel like I have it all together on zero days. Especially the past few months while dealing with my husbands terminal brain cancer and everything that goes along with that. Without my mother we would literally never have any clean dishes.

3) When do you make time for a shower? Day or night?

Whenever I can find a few minutes to leave my husband and daughter together and occupied or with another adult on hand in case they need anything. Usually it’s day time.

4) Do you wear makeup everyday?

No. Not even every year at this point.

5) Do you style your hair everyday or just ponytail it?

Neither. I had it cut off after the cancer diagnosis so that i don’t have to do anything to it. I don’t usually even remember to brush it.

6) When do you get time to style your hair and do your make up? When they are asleep or awake?

Never. I don’t style hair or wear makeup

7) Do you workout and when?

Not really. I try to squeeze a few of something, like jumping jacks or yoga with the kiddo when my husband is sleeping, but nothing too complicated or time consuming.

8) What is your cleaning routine? Do you clean everyday?

Again, not really. My husband and daughter take literally ever second of my time. I am only able to write this post because I stayed up past my bedtime to do so and it will be a very long exhausted day tomorrow because of it. I do laundry when it’s overflowing the basket and the rest of the chores pretty much follow suit. It wasn’t always that way though. Everything is so much different since the cancer took over our entire lives.

9) Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of being a mum?

Yes. I am overwhelmed nearly every moment

10) How often do you get some alone/me time and what do you do to relax?

I don’t have alone time any more. I have to take care of the kiddo and the hubby. Even when my daughter is taken to do something with either my parents or father in law I have to stay behind to watch over my husband. It feels more like I’m his babysitter than wife these days to be honest.

I do try to get some relaxation time in a few times a week though. If someone else is here to make sure my daughter and husband are okay I will close the bathroom door and take a shower that’s closer to 15 minutes instead of the usual 5 and just relish not being needed for a few minutes.

I also read. As often and as long as I can. When my daughter can keep herself entertained for a little while I like to try and sit on the comfortable armchair for an hour or so in the afternoon with my book.


I kind of wish I had my answers to these questions a half a year ago to see how much they have changed, but that might make me more sad.


Are you a mom that wears makeup every day? That was never me even before the chaos started.

3 thoughts on “Super Mom Tag

  1. It is very painful to hear that you are not getting time for yourself. I understand that if cancer happens to someone, entire family suffers. God bless the entire family! And yes, me too never wear make up and never done a hair style. Even I comb my hair once or twice in a day.

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  2. Bless you and your family. I pray one day soon you’ll take a day for just you. You’ve got your family depending on you, I know. But I bet they’d understand and may even want that for you. I am sorry to hear you are overwhelmed, my dear. Thanks for sharing this tag, I feel like I know you a little more. *virtual hug*

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