Scheduling My Reading

I always want to read everything. I want to read a book a day. No, two books a day! I want to read every book every written since the beginning of time.

Clearly that is not going to happen. Every time I start to feel like I’m not reading enough I try to plan out my reading. I always say I’ll keep the plan realistic. I’ll only add to each day what I think I can actually read. 25 pages a day. I should be able to manage that. But then I start filling in my planner with what I want to read each day and it doesn’t feel like enough.

So, I say I want to read 100 pages a day and I look at how many books that means I’ll read this month. I’m excited! Look how many great books I’m going to get to read this month. I’ll be a reading machine. Then, on the first day of the month I don’t quite get to page 100. In fact, it was a really busy day and neither my husband or daughter cooperated. I only read 10 pages on day 1 and I had to stay up late to get any reading in at all.

No big deal, that just means I need to read 190 pages on day two to catch up. Yeah. That didn’t happen either. And now it’s the middle of the month and I’m 1000 pages behind and reading is not fun any more.

On a day near the end of the month I manage to read 200 pages on a day with no doctor’s appointments or errands and not too many tantrums from the kid or the hubby. But I don’t feel great about that, because look how far behind I still am! I’ll never catch up at this rate. Somehow 200 pages feels like a failure, because even though it’s not 10 pages, it’s not the 1500 pages I need to read to catch up either.

The next month I don’t track my reading at all, but it feels like I’m not getting enough reading done so I start the cycle all over again the month after that.

I think what I might need to do is track what I actually read in a day for a month or two and then see what it averages out to. Then make my new reading schedule based on that number.

With the chaos of having a four year old and husband with terminal brain cancer there are many days now that I don’t get to read at all. Finishing 10 pages feels like a huge accomplishment some days. Unfortunately, I have a book blog. If I don’t read I don’t have anything to write about and I expect to have a post up every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday regardless of whether I’ve had any time to read or not.

Do you try to schedule your reading? Do you track what you read in a day?

4 thoughts on “Scheduling My Reading

    1. I used to read in lines and everything too. I used to read while walking around town haha It’s certainly harder with the kiddo in tow. I also have some concentration issues these days. If I try to read and get interrupted after only a minute or two I’ll never retain what I’m reading. I may have to keep trying to read in short bursts though so I can make some more progress.

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  1. I think it’s a struggle we all face especially when there are so many amazing books out there and we want to read them all! I think you should just enjoy the pages you can read and when you can, and don’t put pressure on yourself because that takes all the enjoyment out of it!

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