Cancer Update 05/11/2019

My husband’s health has been declining rapidly the past couple of weeks. He has a lot of trouble standing up, he has stopped using the bathroom and only uses diapers. He has no energy to do anything, but sleep. He doesn’t even have the energy to respond verbally to questions.


I purchased him a wheelchair using funds that were donated through his gofundme. We needed it because for this weekend we are taking him to the hospital every 6 hours to get him injected with steroids through the picc line that was installed yesterday. I’m totally exhausted. We’ve been in and out of the hospital for two full days so far and we have two more days to go. Other appointments are still scheduled in between and we’re trying to balance all of this with using his Optune device, new as of last week. Our lives are kind of hell right now.


It’s at least a two hour process to get him up, undressed, dry diaper and clothes on, in to the wheelchair and out to the car. In to to the car, to the hospital, out of the car and back in to the wheelchair and then up to the fourth floor to wait for them to take vitals, give him his injections, take vitals again, and then get him back down to the main floor, to the car, in the car, and back home to get out of the car, in to his wheelchair, in to the house, out of the wheelchair and in to either bed or his recliner to try and nap for a couple hours before we have to start all over again.


Our whole house is awake every four or so hours to get him to and from the hospital right now. We’re all exhausted and cranky. New updates soon hopefully. Today I’m too tired.

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