Weekly Reading Blog May 12th-18th

Sunday May 12th- Mother’s Day (30 pages)

Today we are still going to the hospital every six hours. It’s our last day of it, at least for now. We’re all exhausted and grumpy. And it’s Mother’s Day. My daughter is too little to do anything special for me and my husband is too sick. So it’s really any other day aside from the trips to the hospital, of course. And that is hardly a bonus.

Today I am still reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. It feels like I’ve been reading this book forever. I’m enjoying it, but I have no actual time to read right now. Everything about our lives is exhausting chaos. I began the day on page 142.

My daughter hasn’t been getting enough sleep either because of the alarms that go off every six hours to give my husband more medicine or the past few days to get him changed and out of the house to get to the hospital. So she has spent the whole day being a giant brat. She’s had numerous privileges taken away and is still acting up. Finally in the afternoon my father in law comes to take my husband to one of his hospital visits and in the process my daughter asks to go to his house to play. He agrees and I finally get my actual mother’s day wish. A basically quiet house in which I can read for an hour.

I make it to page 172 before she gets back. That’s more than I’ve read in days!

Monday May 13th (30 pages)

Finally a day we could stay home. It wasn’t an easy day though. My daughter is still behaving horribly. She’s not getting enough sleep or attention because of all of the medical things we have going on. I’m constantly having to choose between giving her my attention or giving my husband my attention. Unfortunately she currently takes less effort to keep alive. I tried to pour some extra love in to her today while we didn’t have any errands to get to.  It didn’t really change the behavior, but it did take up a lot of time over the course of the day. I read 14 pages of The Princess Bride between activities.

By 8pm I was done dealing with her for the night and sent her to bed with her Kindle to just be still and calm until I could give the hubby his evening meds at 9pm, at which point I would join my daughter and actually get to sleep. I wrapped up a few things I still needed to get done for the day and then picked up my book for a little bit before bed.

Between various interruptions I made it only 16 more pages in that hour before it was time to get my husband dry and changed, medicated, and in to bed. Another 30 page day.

Tuesday May 14th (6 pages)

This was a day filled with errands and doctors appointments 45 minutes away. I started the day with a short reading session though. The kiddo asked me to cuddle on the couch with her and I brought my book while she played kindle. 6 pages to start out the day.

Unfortunately we did not get good news at the doctor. My husband has been given just 6-8 months left to live with a new treatment. Just 2 months if the treatment doesn’t’ work. I spent the rest of the day crying and didn’t read any more pages.

Wednesday May 15th (13 pages)

Today started out very poorly. I took a phone call from my husband’s primary care doctor to see about getting some help in to the home and while I was away writing something down in the living room, he fell off the bed. We had to have his father and my step father come to help me get him up. Firefighters were also on the way. Thankfully they weren’t necessary. I spent the majority of the day taking care of my husband and daughter and trying to do a bit of work. We also had a surprise visitor that was here for an hour and several phone calls. Both of which can cause panic attacks for me. It was another rough day overall.

About 30 minutes before bedtime though my daughter wanted to cuddle on the chair with daddy and I settled in on the couch next to them to get a bit of reading done. I started on page 208 in The Princess Bride and made it to page 221 before it was time for meds and bed.

Thursday May 16th (40 pages)

I had high hopes for today. My mother asked to take my daughter to her house from 8am to 2pm to play. My daughter loves to go to grandma’s house so there was no way I could say no. I had a lot of cleaning I needed to get done and I had to deal with getting the hubby ready for the day, making breakfast and lunch, and also trying to get some work done while I had a few quieter minutes. I planned to spend some time with the hubby, since we don’t have much left. But I had also hoped to find at least an hour (or two?) in there to devote to reading.

I ended up doing short spurts of all of these things throughout the morning and also included some booktube watching time. I got a few instagram pictures taken, and starting laying out a new bookish bujo. I also got a handful of things set medically for my husband. Cancelled some tests we deemed unnecessary given his new prognosis, set up some convenience things (a shower chair and a handicap parking ticket) to make our lives a bit easier. And applied for hospice care help. Altogether a very productive morning. As far as reading goes, I started the kid free time period on page 221 and ended on page 248.

Grandma must have worn Pepper out though because shortly after she came home she tucked herself in on the couch and fell asleep. I got a bit more reading done then andmade it to page 261. That was the last of my reading for the day though.

Friday May 17th (0 pages)

Today my mother took my daughter out for story time at the library and then lunch. Unfortunately I didn’t get any reading done while they were gone. I was looking for new income sources to keep us going. My husband is no longer expected to live long enough to collect disability. Our savings runs out in July.

After that we had a visit from Hospice and they can’t help us yet. We have to give up all treatments that are not only to cause comfort. We’re not quite ready to just quit yet. We’re going to try one round of the new chemo and see how he is effected. It was a very long and emotionally exhausting day and I never got around to reading anything.

Saturday May 18th (25 pages)

I spent literally the whole day turning my husband and my bedroom in to a play room for our daughter. My husband doesn’t want to sleep in there any more and we will soon be getting a hospital bed for him that will go in the living room so we do the least moving possible. My daughter has her own room now and she loves it! But it was after 7pm before I had a minute to sit down and try to get some reading done. I made it to page 286 before nighttime meds and tuck ins all around.


Overall a better reading week than I expected. I read on 6 of the 7 days. And I read a total of 144 pages. Nowhere near what I used to read in a day or a week, but not too shabby for my current life situation.

One thought on “Weekly Reading Blog May 12th-18th

  1. The fact that you are managing to still squeeze in a little bit of reading time is amazing. If it was me I doubt I would get any reading done. I’m sorry y’all didn’t get any good news from the doctor.


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