Dilemmas of a Book Nerd Tag

This tag was created by Lindsey at Lindsey’s Little Library over on Youtube. It features 10 dilemmas or problems that avid readers might face.

Dilemma #1: Book Storage – How do you store and organize your books?

Currently, I have all of my books on two bookshelves and in a stack under my desk and in a closet that was meant for linens. There isn’t really any organization. The newest books that I’m most excited for are in a towering pile under my desk so they are within easy reach. And books that I’ve read and loved are on a separate shelf from the books I haven’t read yet. Ideally, once things settle down a bit and I have time to organize and clean, I would love to arrange my books by color to form a rainbow.

Dilemma #2: Tracking – How do you keep track of what you have read and what books you own?

I use goodreads and a bookish bullet journal to track what I’ve read. I only have stats from 2017 on though. I don’t really have a way to track what books I own. There are so many of them I can’t imagine trying to put them all in to goodreads at this point. I try to add the new purchases on there though.

Dilemma #3: Borrow – Do you lend your books out?

No. I would, but I don’t have anyone in my real life that reads more than a handful of books a year if that. So no one has ever asked to borrow a book. I would though. I love to share great stories and talk about books we’ve read.

Dilemma #4: Buying – How do you buy or acquire your books?

I mostly purchase books from Thriftbooks.com. I do occasionally purchase books from Amazon as well. And I also love to shop in my library’s book sale room when I can.

Dilemma #5: Comments – How do you respond to the “How do you read so much” comment or similar comments?

I usually just say:I don’t watch television. There is nothing else I would rather do with my free time than read. I wish I could read more!

Dilemma #6: Next Book – How do you pick your next read?

I always have a ridiculous number of books on my to be read list. Sometimes I pick what is next on that list and occasionally I choose what arrived the most recently that I’m excited about. Sometimes it’s whatever has the most guilt attached to not having read it yet.

Dilemma #7: Travel – How do you pick what book(s) you bring on vacation with you?

I don’t travel. But, I keep one book in my handbag at all times. if I’m going away for longer than an afternoon I bring my fully stocked kindle. I own about 3000 kindle books, most of which I haven’t read yet.

Dilemma #8: Annotate – Do you write or highlight or mark up your books in any way?

Yes! I love to highlight in my books. I wish I did more writing and actual annotation, but I love to flip through and look at my favorite passages highlighted.

Dilemma #9: New or Backlist – Which do you prefer, new releases or backlist books?

I love to read the newest books, but for the most part that’s just not in my budget. While I love to get books from the library I don’t have the kind of life right now where I can be sure to finish a book in the three week time span I have to read it. Also, I own far too many books to ever run out of reading material. So in general I actually read mostly backlist titles.

Dilemma #10: Sequels – Do you read books as they are released for wait for an entire series to be published before reading 1 book?

I strongly prefer to read a series only after the conclusion has  been released. If I read the first book in a series and love it, but have to wait a year or more to read the next book, I will likely just never get back to that series. And if I do, I’ll have to reread the previous book or books. I don’t like to do a lot of rereading.


Do you like to keep up with series currently being published?

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