Cancer Update June 2, 2019

In the month of May my husband was on a very steady decline. At the beginning of the month he was still speaking, reading bedtime stories to Pepper, playing board games, feeding himself. At the end of May he was totally incontinent, no longer able to speak at all, he could no longer move his body parts consciously, and he could not sit on his own any longer. He was awake for about 2 hours spread out throughout the day.

On June 1st we were preparing to call in hospice to keep him comfortable. But then he had a seizure. He is in the hospital this whole weekend while hospice waits to step in to bring him home on Monday, hopefully.

Though we were initially given 18-24 months and it has been only 4 the end is very obviously near.

Last night was my first night without him in more years than I can remember. I am heartbroken and would not have survived the night if I didn’t have my four year old here depending on me. The pain is already more than I thought I could possibly bear and he hasn’t died yet. I cannot imagine how much more it is going to hurt when he does die and I never get to see my love again. I don’t know how I will bear that kind of pain.

Send good thoughts please.

And because you always ask on these posts, the GoFundMe is linked here

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