Books About Grief

My husband died 8 days ago, on June 10th, 2019. He fought extremely aggressive brain cancer for 131 days leading up to that, so even though he has only been dead for 8 days, we’ve been grieving our loss of him for four and half months.

In that time I’ve been collecting resources for my daughter, and now for myself as well on how to deal with death and grief, and in the case of my daughter, how to show love to someone who isn’t nearby any more. I’m going to share the list of books I’ve found for us here.


For Pepper, age 4, these are the books we liked enough to purchase

A few that we had from the library for her are:

A few of these I taped together some pages to make them fit our story and beliefs. I don’t usually believe in censorship of any sort, but for a four year old watching daddy die, she doesn’t need any conflicting beliefs thrown in her face.


I chose just a few books for myself. A freshly widowed, 32 year old, single mother.

Aside from the journal, as I read these books you can expect reviews for them here on my blog. So far I am loving Grief Day by Day. It is exactly what I need while everything is fresh and everything is so difficult. If you want more information on any of the children’s books let me know and I’ll make a post detailing what worked and what didn’t for us in each book. Otherwise each title is a link to goodreads where you can see info.

Do you have any other books you would recommend to a new widow?

18 thoughts on “Books About Grief

  1. I hope that you find these books helpful. They seem like incredible resources.

    I just finished Tembi Locke’s memoir, From Scratch. She went through something very similar to what your experiencing–losing her husband to cancer and finding herself as a single mother to a young daughter. If you’re looking for someone to relate to I think it’s a good one.

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  2. I would first like to say how deeply sorry I am for you and your daughter. So, sorry.

    Secondly, I want to thank you, so much, for sharing your story. My husband has stage four cancer; renal cancer metastasized to the brain and lungs. They initially gave him 6-18 months and we are grateful, but it hasn’t been easy, and he is on the decline. I am 40. I find it hard to relate to others and it really helps to read others stories. Thank you. I may even check out some of those books!

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