Shortest Books on my TBR

I don’t have anywhere near all of my books on my Goodreads to be read shelf. That will be a huge process and I might tackle it soon, now that things are settling down a bit and we may be packing to move. (The apartment just doesn’t feel like a home any more without Jason.) But for now, my Goodreads to be read shelf has all of the books purchased in 2018 and 2019 as well a smattering of other random books I had plans to read soon. There are 153 books on this shelf and 13 of them have unknown page numbers. Starting with the entries that have page numbers listed I’ll look at the five books I own physically that have the fewest pages.

Number 5: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and E B White

This book has 128 pages. This was part of the 12 books on writing I wanted to read this year. It’s a style guide for writing. I read it in college, but haven’t since.

Number 4: Weekly Strategies for Writers: Tips on Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing & More by Linda A Lavid

This book has 122 pages. It is another book from the 12 books on writing I wanted to read this year. It has 52 tips to improve your writing life.

Number 3: Sophie Washington: Secret Santa by Tonya Duncan Ellis

This book has 120 pages. I won this in a giveaway on Facebook It is a children’s book. Sophie gets an unexpected gift and tries to find out who the secret santa could be.

Number 2: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

This book is 114 pages. This is listed as a feminist essay. It’s something I’ve always meant to read, but have yet to do so.

Number 1: The Knowing: A Bulwark Anthology by Brit Lunden

This book is 65 pages. It is another book I won in the same giveaway. It is a short paranormal story about Bulwark, Georgia where strange things happen.


I’m feeling like I’ve fallen behind in my reading this year with everything that has happened in my life in 2019 so I may try to pick up a few of these shorter reads to get some quick wins under my belt.

Have you read any of these? Do you have any short book recommendations?

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