Books I Want to Reread

I almost never make time to reread books, even ones I really love. I always mean to, but there are so many books I haven’t read once yet that it feels like a waste of time, for me. That wasn’t always a thing. I remember reading books dozens of times when I was a child or a teenager. But I rarely reread things as an adult. I am going to share a handful of books I would love to reread and maybe convince myself to actually do so.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman was the first Backman book I read. I read it in May 2018 and gave it 4 stars. I now consider him my favorite author. I would love to reread this book again now because the main character is a widower that just wants to die to be with his wife and I am now a widow who, much of the time, just wants to die so that I’m not in pain any more. I’m worried this book might do more harm than good at this time though, so the reread may wait a bit longer. (I am not actually suicidal. Please don’t worry.)

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. I consider this my favorite book but never finished a reread. I read it in November 2017 and gave it 5 stars. My only worry with a reread of this one at this time is, because Percy and Monty are so cute together, it may just make me sad with my current life situation.  I definitely want to reread it at some point and finish my annotations though.

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. This was my favorite book from the time I was in college in 2005 until 2017 when I read the previous entry here. I identify with Delores in a different way each time I reread this book, but it’s been a few years. I don’t think I’ve done a reread since becoming a parent. Now I’m a parent and a widow. I think I’ll find all sorts of new things to relate to on a read through this time.

Insomnia by Stephen King is a book I read long enough ago that I don’t remember much of what happened. I would guess I read it almost 20 years ago. I suffer from some anxiety and depression induced insomnia from time to time so that makes the concept and the title catch my attention again. I remember liking it and I owned 2 copies when I went through all of my books yesterday to add them to Goodreads.

Limitless by Alan Glynn is a book I read between three and nine years ago. I know it was before I started tracking my reading and it was after I met my husband because we both read it and enjoyed it enough to watch the movie.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer is a book I read in December 2017. I gave it 4 stars. It was a 5 star read to me until the epilogue. I remember it being exciting and something I had never read before. I loved the concept. I think it would be fun to reread.


Do you reread books?





5 thoughts on “Books I Want to Reread

  1. She’s Come Undone is one of my all time favs! I have only reread The Color Purple which I love so much. I want to read Jitter Bug Perfume which was a favorite when I was younger. See if I still like it.

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  2. We have the same issue – there are many books (mainly classics) that is love to reread but when there are 300plus books in the house that I haven’t read for the first time, they take precedence. Interesting point about the way our habits change over time. I wonder whether we did so much repeat reading when we were younger because we didn’t have so many books at our disposal. Or is it it that at a young age we read to learn and discover whereas as an adult we already have the knowledge about how life works?


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