Recent Read- A Storm of Strawberries

A Storm of Stawberries by Jo Cotterill

My rating ✰5✰

Picture and quote from Goodreads

Twelve-year-old Darby loves living on her family’s strawberry farm. But a big storm is coming, and it threatens to destroy everything she and her family hold dear.

Darby is twelve years old and has Down syndrome. Her favorite things are music, chocolate, and her big sister Kaydee. It’s a big weekend for Darby. It’s time for their annual chocolate hunt, and it’s all she can think about. Well, that and spending time with her big sister. But this year Kaydee’s friend Lissa is staying over for the weekend, and she seems to be stealing all of Kaydee’s attention. And to make things worse, the strawberry farm is hit by a tornado. Suddenly, it’s as though both the chocolate hunt and her sister are slipping away from her.

Although the family is prepared for the tornado, they aren’t prepared for the storm of emotions that surface when a truth is brought to light. With tension rising within the family, can Darby mend what’s been broken when it seems like no one is listening to her?

A Storm of Strawberries is a warm, thoughtful, and empathetic novel from acclaimed author Jo Cotterill.

The characters in this story were great. I don’t know anyone with down syndrome so I don’t know if the representation was accurate, but Darby was wonderful. Her family was wonderful. And there was LGBT rep in this story that I really loved. The front flap says this book is for ages 10-14.

As the reader we got more from some of the conversations than Darby did because she couldn’t keep up with speed with which people were talking or she just didn’t understand what she was hearing or seeing so we knew some things that were happening before she did. Darby is such a warm and honest and loving girl and she showed it to everyone even if they didn’t deserve it at that moment.

The author’s writing helped me feel Darby’s emotions, happy and scared and sad and confused. This was truly a joy of a book. I read it in a day and I enjoyed every minute of spending time with Darby and her strong and loving family.

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