August 2018 Haul Revisit

In August 2018 I acquired 7 books.

Of these I’ve read only one. Dumbing Us Down I read and gave 5 stars. I had Blogging on my TBR for July, but didn’t quite get that far.

Of the rest of these the one I am most interested in reading is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett so I’ll add that one to my August TBR.  I’ll have my full August TBR up on Saturday. Hopefully it won’t be too ambitious this time, but I let Pepper help draw prompts from my TBR jar and she loves to just keep picking options.

How many books do you typically put on a monthly TBR?

One thought on “August 2018 Haul Revisit

  1. I started my haul revisit posts for July and I had planned on doing them every month and reading 1 or 2 books from the list. I’ve gone all the way back to 2016 when I started but I didn’t haul anything in August or September of 2016 so I guess I can just read more books from my July 2016 haul. As for how many books I put on my TBR each month it varies. Sometimes I am way over ambitious but for the most part I stick to the amount that will get me to my Goodreads reading goal by the end of the year which is about 10 book each month.

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