Recent Read – Grief Day by Day

Grief Day by Day by Jan Warner

My rating ✰5✰

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Grief Day by Day offers supportive readings and exercises to help you move through life after loss, one day at a time.

Grief is complex. It is ever changing and may come to us differently on any given day. Grief Day by Day offers reflections and practices that address the day-to-day feelings that accompany the ever changing process of grief.

In Grief Day by Day, Jan Warner draws on her own extensive experience and the experiences of the 2 million followers on her Grief Speaks Out Facebook page to offer hope in its most practical form. This book does not look to offer a solution to grief. Rather, it provides supportive, useful guidance to help you create a life in which peace, and even gratitude, can coexist with your grief.

Inside the pages of Grief Day by Day you’ll find:

  • 365 Daily Reflections that include quotes, meditations, and other musings on grief
  • Weekly Themes that capture common feelings and experiences such as: Loneliness, Things Left Unsaid, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, Guilt, and Intimacy
  • 52 Healing Exercises that help you process your feelings at the end of each week and develop skills for coping with grief as it arises

There is no “right way” to grieve, and there is no right way to use this book. Whether you follow it page by page, or select that which seems most relevant to you at the moment, how you use this book is less important than why you are using it. You’re using this book because you have chosen to honor your experience, to make a home for your grief, and to find a new way of living on the bridge between loss and life.

This book was perfect for me. I’m 8 weeks into my widowhood and I started this book a short time in to my journey alone in the world. The most overwhelming emotion for me so far in my solo existence has been a deep desire to stop living. I think of it daily. I don’t know how to live without my husband and I don’t want to. I miss new things about my husband daily. There are minutes that I can’t breathe because of the level of missing and loss and despair and grief and pain I am experiencing.

This book showed me that it is all totally normal (so long as I’m not making actual plans to kill myself). Somehow by taking me through 52 emotions or pieces of grief work the author managed to leave me on a hopeful note. I’m not saying I feel hopeful, far from it, I am still deeply embedded in the misery of the loss of My Jason, but considering how heard the rest of the book made me feel, how much I related to many of the other sections, I can entertain the thought of feeling at least somewhat hopeful at some point in the far future.

This book was wonderful and relate-able and made me cry and think of things I might not have otherwise. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has lost a spouse. Most of this is not widow specific, it deals with loss of loved ones in a more general way, but the author talks of losing her husband and those are the parts I most related to.

I am so grateful I had this book so early on in my grief journey.


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