The Spoopy Memes Book Tag


I was tagged to do this by the tag creator, Embuhleeliest. I’ve never been tagged before so it’s extra exciting. There are seven questions and seven memes to go along with them.

Time to get spooky! What books will you be reading to celebrate this time of year?

I’m hoping to read several spooky books this month. The one I’m most excited to get to is The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani

Do you put up decorations for Halloween? If so, describe them! Even better, show them!

All of the decorations we have are just crafts Pepper and I have made. A lot of sticker mosaics, handprint spiders, ghosts made out of construction paper, etc. We decorate in one hallway of our apartment where I have hung some string.

What is the scariest book you’ve ever read? What made it so scary?

I’m so bad at this. I have a terrible memory, especially since my husband died. I forgot a whole novel I wrote last November. That’s either grief or insanity and my grief counselor assures me it is due to the grief and the attachment my husband had with my writing.

The point is I can’t remember what the scariest book I’ve ever read was. Looking through my Goodreads I’ve chosen Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I read that in December of 2017. It is about siblings that fall in love with each other and you know from the beginning that it can never work out due to the nature of the relationship and that looms over you the whole time you read and it still took me by surprise at the end and I was deeply upset.

What’s the last book you read that truly shocked you, made your jaw drop, or made you chuck the book across the room?

Us Against You by Fredrik Backman. He is my favorite author and I love his writing, but the way he says something will happen and you expect it to be then and then it doesn’t happen is often very frustrating. For example, he will say or hint that someone is about to die and then it’s someone else or it doesn’t happen now so it must happen later in the character’s life.

What’s a book that’s fallen out of the spotlight that you still really like and try get people to read?

The Host by Stephenie Meyer. A lot of people won’t try it because of Twilight, but it’s fantastic.  It would have been 5 stars for me except the epilogue messed things up for me and I gave it 4 stars. Still really great though.

Are you dressing up this year? If so, what as? If not, what would be your costume if you were?

I’m not dressing up this year. I asked Pepper what I should be and she said you’re just a mom. So I guess I’m going as a mom this year again.

What is your opinion on the word ‘spoopy’, and memes that follow its theme?

I had never heard of it before this tag. I had to Google it. Google says it is something that is funny and spooky at the same time. I like it! My daughter and I are both prone to nightmares so anything too scary is too much for us. And we love to laugh. We are officially spoopy fans.


Thanks so much Emily for Tagging me!

Had you heard of Spoopy?

5 thoughts on “The Spoopy Memes Book Tag

  1. I didn’t know you’d never been tagged before – now you’ve opened the flood gates, expect more from me. 😆

    The Host was really good, I agree. Definitely underrated. Great answers, thanks for doing the tag! 😁

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  2. I wondered about the “spoopy thing! I’ll have to check it out too now, as I’d never known it was a thing before until you brought it up. I had similar memory issues with grief when I lost my father. It was the only time in my life I couldn’t focus enough to read, which is my calming go to, so I was really lost. That is when I decided to buy a computer and learn how to use it (1997). That took the place of my reading and TV for a good 5 years.

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