Halloween 2019 Celebrations

Halloween is probably my 4-year-old’s favorite holiday. It could be a toss up between this and Christmas, but she loves Halloween. I trick or treated to random houses growing up and we often had a little party at our house around Halloween because my brother’s birthday is the 27th. And after I was too old to trick or treat I didn’t celebrate ever again, until Pepper was born.

I am one of those parents people make jokes about being too over protective, but I do not allow my child to trick or treat at strangers houses. I wouldn’t let her take food from a person I didn’t know any other day of the year, I’m not going to do it on Halloween either.

The first thing we did this year was make a Halloween countdown. It has jack o lantern shaped chocolates glued to construction paper. Nothing fancy, but she loves it. She gets a chocolate each day leading up to Halloween.

For the month or so leading up to Halloween we do all kinds of spooky crafts. Mostly from Dollar Tree, but other craft kits or things we make up or see online as well. We craft often.

We also pull out all of her Halloween themed books and keep them out for easy bedtime story access. And we check out a lot more from the library.

We went to a pumpkin patch with all of her grandparents to do all the fall thing. We went in a corn maze, took a hay ride,picked pumpkins, and more.

She also carved pumpkins for the first time this year. She went to my parents house to do that with them.

This year, on the 26th we will be going to Home Depot for a costume parade. We will also be building a project. We go to the once a month kids building events where she hammers and paints a new object each time. This is a bonus event.

We will also be going to trick or treat at the library on the 29th. The kids wear costumes and go from station to station listening to a story and getting treats.

And on Halloween day she gets a full trick or treat bucket of goodies from me and one from my parents. Then we go to my father in law’s house so she can hand out candy to the other trick or treaters. Her favorite part of this holiday is handing out candy and seeing the other kids in costumes. She made up a song last year telling people to come to her house because she had treats to give to them. It was really cute and she had so much fun.

In her trick or treat bucket from me this year she is getting way too many things. That’s the way it goes right now though. I am definitely overcompensating for her father’s death this year, but I’m okay with it. My grief counselor says that will settle down as we find new norms. This year she will receive 3 new books, a Halloween DVD, a card game, some slime, 10 various blind bag/surprise toys, and the rest of her jack o lantern chocolates from the countdown.

We also used to end Halloween by putting up the Christmas Tree. That may happen earlier or later this year.

I won’t be dressing up, but Pepper will. She will be a mermaid on Halloween night and she hasn’t decided if she wants to be the same thing or other things for her other two Halloween events. She just chooses from her giant dress-up box on the day of because she changes her mind about things so often.

And she’s quite creative. Last year, she was a mail carrier witch. She brought a broom and purse that she used as a mail bag and handed out letters to children at the library event.

What will you or your children dress up as this year?

One thought on “Halloween 2019 Celebrations

  1. What lovely traditions! Personally, I’m not fond of Halloween, but I think I need to put in more effort for the sake of my kids. All we really do is dress up and attend whatever event our city throws.


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