November 2019 TBR

This is more of a ‘might be read’ or a ‘pile of possibilities’ than a hard and fast TBR. I made it to only half of the books I wanted to read in October and November will be extra busy with NaNoWriMo writing taking place too. This will be the stack of books I choose from when I decide what to read.

Carryovers: These are the books I started in October, but haven’t finished yet.

The Jason book (books my late husband loved) for the month is Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison.

My book on grief choice for the month is The Grieving Teen by Helen Fitzgerald. This was recommended by my grief counselor. I read The Grieving Child earlier this year and it was helpful.

I have three books as part of my haul revisits this month.

The other books I am hoping to read are chosen from prompts Pepper pulled from my TBR jar.

It is highly unlikely that I will make it to all of these books, but I will read as many of them as I can.

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