The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Even though there are still six more weeks of Fall technically, it feels like winter is already here. Pepper has been outside to build snowmen twice already.I


I was tagged to answer these questions by The Bibliobibuli. Thank you! The tag seems to have been created by Read By Tiffany, but I couldn’t find the actual blog post to link.  






light a scented candle
Pumpkinheadsby Rainbow Rowell. This is cute and not too serious and so much fun! It almost made me think I liked Pumpkin Patches. drink pumpkin spiced lattes
The Testaments by Margaret Atwood is the book I’ve heard the most about this year.
apple picking
The Institute by Stephen King had good friendships between the children. I don’t know if they were fun friendships necessarily considering the situation they were in, but they did find ways to be kids even so. cozy sweater
My heart feels pretty darn unwarmable since my husband’s death, but Love That Dog by Sharon Creech is a recent read that made me feel sappy as Jack started to enjoy his poetry assignments. cinnamon rollsFrom Scratch by Tembi Locke. The main character, Tembi wasn’t a chef, but her late husband, Saro, was and food plays a big role in this memoir. pile of leaves
Joy is another emotion my weathered old widow’s heart has trouble experiencing, but Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston made me so happy while I was reading it that I couldn’t have any other answer for this question.

What’s a book that made you happy? Do you play in piles of leaves? Pepper did this past Sunday.

One thought on “The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

  1. Fun tag! I definitely agree with your answers! I adored Pumpkinheads. I agree it’s fun and lighthearted, and Red, White & Royal Blue made me super happy! 😊


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