Second Tome Around Book Tag

This tag is about second hand books. I love buying books used because you can get such a good deal. This tag was created by Hungry Bookworm on Youtube.


 1) Do you buy second hand books?

Yes. I love to buy second hand books. I can get so many more books when I buy them used than I can if purchasing them new.

2) What is / was your latest purchase?

The last used book I purchased was Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I bought it in the book sale room at my local library. Paperbacks are 3 for $1.

3) What condition do you find acceptable? ie, tatty or not tatty etc

I don’t want something that is missing pages or that is falling apart or that has a smell. I also don’t usually buy anything that has writing inside. Anything else is usually okay.

4) After you have read said book, do you keep it for a re read or re donate it?

I keep only the books I believe I will reread. If I won’t read it again it gets donated to the library book sale or to a community bookshelf where my mother lives.

5) Do you have a favorite place you like to go to, when looking for second hand books?

If I’m just browsing I love to look at my library book sale because things are so cheap. If I’m looking for something specific I always check Thriftbooks first.

6) Hardback or Paperback, do you have a preference?

I love paperback books. I love the way they look and feel and they are my preferred format for all books.

7) Have you found any real gems?

My favorite used book I’ve ever found was a copy of Captain January by Laura E Richards. It’s a 1902 copy and it’s small and blue and beautiful. I got it on the last anniversary my late husband and I were actually able to celebrate together.

8) OPTIONAL – Find a book from your shelves that you can donate to a good cause or your local Charity / Goodwill shops

We will be donating a set of the six picture books that go along with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior. We were given a new set, but Pepper already had a set so we’re going to give one of them to the library to add to their collection.


Where do you get the best deals on used books?


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