2019 Reading Goals Wrap Up

My 2019 goals were nearly all failed. I made goals and then less than a month later my husband had a seizure that ended up being brain cancer. I then cared for him and watched him die over a four month period. The rest of the year has been spent in deep grief. So goals were basically all forgotten for almost all of the year. The goals I had though were:

  1. Read 75 books. I have read 105 books √
  2. Read my NaNoWriMo 2010 rough draft. I didn’t even look at it. 
  3. Read my NaNoWriMo 2012 rough draft. I didn’t even look at it. 
  4. Keep up on my blog posts. I post Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I didn’t miss a single day, even for my post every day in February while we were in and out of hospitals finding out my husband was dying.  √
  5. Complete 2 of the 3 NaNoWriMo events in 2019. I finished one and  may never do the project again. 
  6. Finish my One Year Adventure Novel lessons. I haven’t thought about this course since my husband’s seizure. 
  7. Having a monthly date night with my husband. My husband got sick early on and died half way through the year so I don’t think we had a single date.
  8. Getting the spare room cleared out to have a functional playroom for my four year old. This was accomplished a week before Christmas because the landlady is giving me trouble in our apartment building. I’m pretty sure she wants us out because I’m a single mother now. They don’t rent to single parents and apparently that is the case even if I’ve lived here for 9 years and my husband died. But it’s clean anyway √
  9. Improving my typing speed. I practiced this for a while, but I haven’t kept up on it. 
  10. Losing 25 pounds. Hahaha I lost some weight after my husband died, but I’ve gained it all back plus a little.
  11. Growing our savings again. Another laugh is in order here. My husband got sick and we used every penny of our savings trying to keep him comfortable and alive while he was dying. We’re worse off than ever before at this point. 
  12. And taking my daughter to at least one new museum. She loves them! This one we did. The National Comedy Center is in our hometown and my daughter loves to go there. √


So it looks like I accomplished 4 out of 12 goals. Most things were thrown overboard when my husband got sick. I hope your goals went better than mine did and I also hope you didn’t have to watch anyone you love die this year.

8 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals Wrap Up

  1. I tried leaving a reply but it must have been too long. Trying again. First, I see five. You have been working on your typing when blogging too. Second, I chuckled as I too lost weight and gained most back. I’m thinking maybe it’s because I have less emotional stress? Don’t judge your goals if not finished, as goals are something you should work towards. We can’t predict what obstacles will get in our way. I lost 3/4 of my magnetic jewelry business last year from cancelling my shows. I don’t have Ted to help me do them this year. I’m trying online sales, but keep having to put it on vacation mode as I move from place to place with family. So my goals are going to be simpler until I can figure all this out.

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  2. As for your rental problem, I would suggest you do some research on your own first regarding your rights as a tenant in your state. Are you on a lease? If so, is there any mention of what happens if one of the tenants is no longer on it due to their death? Your state should have a Legal Aid office that can give you free or income related advice. Your argument could be that Pepper needs stability right now, and that you are a long term tenant. I am a Landlord and most states have Acts and Policies to protect the Tenant. You are welcome to email me if you want.

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  3. I think you can count having date nights with your husband. I’m sure you spent quality time with each other, even if that meant that you were trying to care for him, be strong, etc.

    I hope that you are not forced out of the apartment, or that you find a better place that is also reasonable.

    I don’t understand what you’re going through, but I am inspired from your posts. You did great in 2019 and I’m sure you’ll do great in 2020, too!

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  4. What a terrible year for you – I’m so sorry. As a new-ish follower I wasn’t aware of your loss. As far as goals go, sometimes we just have to step back and make our goal be getting through each day as best we can. I hope 2020 brings you peace and healing, and some moments of joy.

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