Books On Grief

After my husband died from brain cancer in June of 2019 I began reading books about grief and widowhood and death, mostly non-fiction, but some fiction as well. I have collected 20 books, aimed at adults, on these subjects in the past seven months. My daughter, age 4, has a couple dozen books on grief and death as well. Of the 20 I purchased for myself I read 7 in 2019 and have read 3 others since the new year began.

Of those books, my top recommendation would be Grief: Day by Day and How to Survive the Loss of a Love would be a close second. They were all good for me in some way though and I don’t think you an go wrong with any of them.

The other books I’ve purchased and plan to read throughout this year are:

Do you have any other books on grief, death, widowhood, etc that you can recommend to me? We are an atheist family so something not too heavy handed with the religious aspects you often find in books of this type are appreciated.


One thought on “Books On Grief

  1. That’s a lot of books, I never realized there are so many around on the subject. When I lost my brother more than 30 years ago, I had a couple recommended, but I don’t there were anything like this amount around. The same when my dad passed 10 years and a day later. I guess you’re getting all kinds of good advice that way, what do you think? I would think it would have a positive effect as I don’t see a downside. It seems you’re doing good things toward your future. 🙂

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