It’s Birthday Month!

I started this last year, I think. In our family we have birthday week. My birthday is the 13th, Valentine’s Day is the 14th, and Pepper’s birthday is the 16th. We celebrate all week and end on Pepper’s big birthday celebration. This year that will include a real birthday party with other children involved.

For birthday month I celebrate here by having one post each day in February. Last year I managed to keep up on one post a day even though we started the month in the hospital a few hours away learning that my husband was dying from brain cancer. This month has strongly negative emotions attached to it now for obvious reasons.

I decided to continue the tradition mostly to keep myself extra busy during this additional emotionally trying time. Let’s be honest though, all times are emotionally trying now. I will be celebrating my 33rd and Pepper’s 5th birthday as a widow of 8 months and while we’re still getting through our year of firsts I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible and that includes a post every day in February. And I’m excited about it!

This is when I end up catching up on all the bookish tags I find and can’t fit in my usual schedule throughout the year. I include all of my usual other content as well. My Bookish Weeks, goals check in, widow update, and haul revisit. There is birthday specific content too. And I’m hoping to start writing some simple book reviews again as well. I didn’t have the mental energy to put in to those throughout the holidays and I miss them.

Because it’s Saturday there will be my usual weekly wrap up at the usual time 8am EST and then there will be one post from me every day for another 28 days in a row. I hope you don’t get sick of me before March.

Happy Birthday Month!

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