It’s My Birthday Tag

When is your birthday?

February 13th. This year it’s on a Thursday, but it was a Friday the year I was born. My little brother always told me I was bad luck.

How old will you be? 

I will be 33 years old

How old do you feel like you are?

I feel about 80 most days. Something about becoming a widow last year makes me feel far older than I actually am.

How old do you wish you were?

I wish I was 23. I met my husband when I was 23 and we had nine amazing years together. I want to live that joy and love all over again. I don’t know if could survive losing him again though.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

At this point, I don’t really celebrate. I will have a gift or two and Pepper and I might have cake. She will likely sing to me.

What gift do you hope to get for your birthday?

I buy my own gifts now so I know I will be getting The Broken Earth trilogy by NK Jeminsin and Pepper chose a new bookmark for me.

What is the favorite gift you received in birthday’s past?

My favorite gift I ever received is a ring I wear every day. It was my gift from my husband on my first birthday after we met. We had been together for nine months and living together for two. I told him I wanted a ring for my birthday gift. I drew pictures of rings and left them around the apartment and on his desk at work. I reminded him of my ring size at least daily. And he chose an amazingly beautiful ring for me that has three emeralds. Green was my favorite color at the time. I get compliments on it often. I adore it still.

How do you like to spend your birthday?

I like to spend it being appreciated. I used to spend it not working. I would always take the day off work and spend it home relaxing. This year, I would like to just skip it, but we can’t. Pepper is too smart for that now and she insists I have a gift. We will likely spend it much like every other day.

What was your favorite birthday party?

I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 16. I would guess my 16th would be my most memorable. We went bowling and that’s all I really remember about it. It was the only birthday party that wasn’t at home with just family.

This year, though it will Pepper’s party and not mine, will certainly top it. Pepper will be turning 5 and we have a mermaid theme as requested. I think she will have so much fun and I can’t wait to see her be excited.


2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Tag

  1. Aha. A fun test! Ok. 1. June 9 on Tuesday this year. I was a Wednesday child who they say is restless, questions everything, communicative, versatile capabilities, Highly active, moving around a lot, Great learners, etc. BUT they are unreliable and careless in their approach to life. I was really liking that until the last one! 2. I will be 77! Though most people think I am in my 60s as I still have long, naturally auburn hair. I never did act my age, either. 3. I use to feel younger, especially in my mind. Right now I don’t feel much period. 4. Not sure. Loved my 40s. 5. Good question. Don’t know this year. 6. The only gift I can think of is some happiness.

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  2. 7. My favorite gifts were the diamond earrings my husband gave me that I still wear everyday. 8. With family and friends 9. 40, 50, 65, were great because I had lots of family and friends, but my best was my 16th! I invited 25 boys and 25 girls and they all came! We started out at the beach, giving boat rides, having a bonfire, then turned our basketball court into a dancing floor with music, then in the evening popped popcorn in the fireplace and played games. It was the talk of the school. I didn’t realize how lucky I was until just now.

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