Bookish Birthday Countdowns

Traditionally Birthdays are a big deal for our family. That is even more the case since Pepper was born. With my husband’s death last June I wasn’t sure this year would be nearly as celebratory, but I did my best to keep the most important traditions in place for Pepper.

One thing we’ve done since the lead up to her 2nd birthday was a countdown. After Christmas I buy a discount advent calendar and she gets to open it for the 24 days leading up to her birthday. This year she has a Disney book countdown so she will get to open a new small book each day for the days leading up to her birthday.

She is very concerned about fairness so she wanted to know what my countdown would be and where it was. Unfortunately there wasn’t room in the budget for anything for me at this point and I really don’t need 24 of anything, so I got creative.

I went through my shelves of unread books and chose the 13 shortest books I could I find. These books are between 49 and 186 pages. I wrapped them in pretty gift wrap and I will open them each day of February from the 1st until my birthday on the 13th. I will also try to read the book I unwrap on the day I open it. It will get a little harder as the books get longer, but I’ll do my best. (So far I’m 3 for 3 on unwrapping and reading them the same day.)

This serves two purposes. My daughter will be thrilled that I have a countdown just like her. And I will hopefully get a few books ahead for getting my physical TBR down, because I anticipate receiving several books for my birthday. And it didn’t cost me anything. Win Win Win.

I’ve included the list of the books I wrapped for myself below.

An Adventure That’s For Sure by Donna Wood

Falling Ill by CK Williams

Dear Ijeawele by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Pink Mist by Owen Sheers

Coming Back From Broken by Stacie Baker

The New kid at School by KH McMullan

The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash

Baba Yaga and the Enchanted Ring by Nancy K Ford

Bulwark by Brit Lunden

The Last Execution by Jesper Wung-Sung

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Inscriptions for Headstones by Matthew Vollmer

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

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