Long Term Reading Projects

I like to make goals. Yearly ones are are fun and have a set deadline. Other reading goals I might have don’t have a set deadline. They are just things I would like to accomplish at some point and I call them reading projects. I have several ongoing ones and haven’t done a check in on them since my last post about them in September of 2018. I thought I would see how I am doing on them and remind myself that they exist to renew my interest in them.

Long term reading projects I have range from reading all of the books by a favorite author to reading all of the winners of the Newbery Award to reading a specific set of recommended books in a genre I enjoy. I have 7 lists I’m working off of currently.

  • Reading all of the Newbery Award winning books was a project I started in 2018 and I am only counting books I read from that point forward. There are 99 of them on the list and I have read 14.
  • Another goal is to read all of Anne Lamott’s Books. I have read 3 out of 18 since starting this project though I had read a few others years before I started tracking them.
  • I was also working on reading everything written by Lois Lowry, because I loved The Giver Quartet so much. I have read 14 out of 44 of her books.
  • Fredrik Backman was the most recent author to these lists. He is my favorite author at this time and there is just one more of his books left to read before his newest book comes out in September. I have read 7 out of 8 books currently published in English.
  • For Seanan McGuire I’m having trouble finding an accurate list of her published books between her name and her pen name, but I have 54 written down and I have read only 5 of them.
  • I have a list of 38 dystopian books that I want to read and have so far only read 2 of them.
  • The last list I have is a list of books that my late husband loved or talked about often during our marriage. My Jason Books. I don’t have a full or accurate list of these books and I may never have one. So far I have read 4 of his favorite books.

I hope to make more progress on all of these goals this year. Do you have any reading projects that will take you longer than one year to complete?


2 thoughts on “Long Term Reading Projects

  1. I have my hands in so many pots, the only time I get to read Is when it’s bedtime, so I look for easy reading, which is why I enjoy Debbie Macomber books. The only problem is it’s hard sometimes to put hers down and I will read them until late into the night or early morning. Especially her Cedar Cove Series which Hallmark had as a series on television. I am trying to read the Grief Day by Day one, but not able to everyday yet.

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