Homeschool Update

I have quite a few new followers since the last time I talked about our homeschool journey. My daughter is just turning five this month so we don’t legally report to the state until this coming July, but we’ve been homeschooling semi-officially since my daughter asked to do workbooks at two and a half. When my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago, and then died over the course of four months, homeschool was put on the back burner. That was not a big deal because we weren’t legally required to be homeschooling yet. We still did homeschool things and made our way slowly through her various workbooks as time and interest permitted, but we didn’t keep any records or a schedule.

Currently we’re still just doing school when Pepper asks to. Which is just about every day. To start getting her prepared for the more consistent work we’ll have to do once the new school year begins I have given her one rule. My only rule is that she has to do her math and phonics work first and then she can choose whichever other subjects she wants to work on. Otherwise, even though she is fantastic with her math and her phonics/reading she would only end up choosing to do art and geography 24 hours a day.

I didn’t look to see when I last wrote about homeschool on here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the things we are using are the same books we had a year ago. Some subjects have been very slow going.

The books we are using currently are kept on one section of my desk and she has a spot where she can sit next to me to do her work whenever she would like to. This is what we are using at this moment in time. I’ve included a link to Amazon for each one so you can see more information if you want to, but they are not affiliate links.

We don’t use all of these every day. And we use some other resources too of course. Flashcards, songs, and videos on Youtube for her Spanish, math based games and apps, ABC Mouse at the library, and lots and lots of reading, either her reading to me, her reading to herself, or me reading out loud to her. Right now we’re reading the first Harry Potter book and a book about JoJo Siwa .

This is just a check in to show where we are right now. But, I’ll be posting a few more updates leading up to our first official year of homeschooling as we get closer to the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

One thought on “Homeschool Update

  1. My goodness! It’s been 11 years since I substitute for high school and junior high, and never home schooled, but I can see you have her already in a well rounded learning process. I like your philosophy for having her learn the two most important subjects of reading and math, and then incorporate the other important subjects and rewarding her with her favorites. How clever.

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