My 2020 Planner

Over the years I’ve used everything from a cheap weekly planner from dollar tree, to a time intensive bullet journal in a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, to a recollections planner from Michaels. This year I wanted, and needed, something different.

Since becoming a widow last year I’m pretty scatterbrained. I forget simple things like my age or what day of the week it is. I also needed an outlet for writing out some of my thoughts having to do with my grief work and I didn’t want to have to carry two notebooks with me to do that. So for my planner this year I chose the Moleskine Classic 12 Month daily planner in Snappy Pink.


I added a sticker to the front from Redbubble. My word for the year is laugh. This notebook is quite like the Leuchtturm I used for my bullet journals. It has a very similar cover, a ribbon bookmark, a pocket in the back, and an elastic band to hold it closed. It is the same height, but is half an inch thinner than the A5 Leuchtturm. It has one full lined page for every single day of the year.


Coming from a vertical Recollections planner, this is a whole lot of space for each day and I love it. One of my hobbies over the years has been decorating my planners. I have washi tape and stickers filling one large file drawer and one full shelf on my desk.

This planner gives me lots of space to decorate as well as a space each day for my to do list, a small section for gratitude, and a journaling space where I usually write to my dead husband.

I was finding I have times throughout each day where I turn to tell him something important, or funny, or just something that he would have found interesting. It was so hard to not be able to tell him any of these things. My grief counselor suggested I write to him, even though as an atheist I don’t believe he gets these messages, my counselor still said I should try it and it helps.

In this planner I reserve a space each day for those things that come up that I wish I could tell him. Some days that is about the nightmares I have about his seizures, some days it’s something funny or touching Pepper said about him. Some days it’s a dirty joke we both would have laughed at. And some days it’s just I hate you for leaving me here to try and deal with everything by myself. Whatever I need to tell him that day I have a space to write it.

I’ve blurred out my actual tasks and any writing to my husband, but here are a few pages from this year so far.

Point Blur_Feb012020_102256.jpgPoint Blur_Feb012020_102341.jpgPoint Blur_Feb012020_102358.jpgPoint Blur_Feb012020_102435.jpg

The date in the top corner, my tasks for the day on the top left, a space to write to my husband on the bottom somewhere, a small space for gratitude wherever it fits, and decor on the rest of the page. Some I add before that day and some I add after the day is over and I see where I have blank spaces to fill.

So far it’s working out great for me and I am getting everything I need from my planner. It’s also small enough I can slip it in my bag to bring with me to grief counseling or anywhere else I might need it. I save all of my planners because there are so many memories inside, even just within the daily task list. This has been a wonderful addition to my planner journey and my life.

Do you use a physical planner?

2 thoughts on “My 2020 Planner

  1. I used the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted notebook for the longest time but this year I switch to the Alway Fully Book Planner by Little Inklings Designs. I mostly track book related stuff but I’m also able to track other stuff that I want/need to keep up with as well. It was pretty expensive and while it does have its faults I am loving it.

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  2. Your grief counselor had a great idea and you took it and expanded on it and now you can revel in the positive messages from the stickers, and go back at any time to relive that day in a positive way. You can watch your growth, page by page. Your very special friend now. I had a diary as a child with a lock and key. But only a planner for my jewelry business since then. My blogging is becoming my journal. Keep up the good work!

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