Birthday Interview

Today is my birthday. I never thought I would have to celebrate another birthday without my husband, but here we are.

I have my daughter fill one of these sorts of sheets out every year to see how her answers change as she gets bigger. Last year I filled one out too and decided we should do it again this year. My answers are first and Peppers are underneath.

Name: Lori

Age: 33

Favorite food: potatoes

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite show: I don’t watch shows. I used to really love Gilmore Girls though.

When I grow up I want to be: Someone that gets paid to read books and drink coffee. This will always be my answer.

I like to play: Slot machine games on my phone.

My favorite book: I need to do a reread to be sure, but I’ll say it’s still The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee.

My favorite restaurant: Red Lobster

My best friend: My late husband.

My favorite cartoon: Dinosaur Train

My favorite place to go: The book store.

My five year old’s answers:

Name: Pepper

Age: 5 (on Saturday)

Favorite food: Happy face fries

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite show: Anndroids

When I grow up I want to be: A ballet dancer and doctor

I like to play: toys

My favorite book: The Princess in Black

My favorite restaurant: Chinese Buffet

My best friend: Shannon, Jayla, and Stella

My favorite cartoon: My Little Pony

My favorite place to go: The library

It is interesting which things changed and which things stayed the same from one year to the next.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Interview

  1. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Next, think of something you’d really like to do that you can go and do with Pepper and tell her it’s her birthday gift from her for you for her to help you do it, and go do it! When you do so much for others you tend to do less for yourself. You need to do this to refresh yourself so you can make it through another year. You already are amazing for your age. Go do something to make you happy and laugh. It’s the best medicine.

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  2. Happy birthday, I hope it’s as fun a day as it can be. I love that Pepper’s favorite place is the library, you can share your love of books. Spend today doing something that makes you and Pepper feel good, definitely.

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  3. Yes, it’s interesting how things change, I like going back over blog posts. The interview idea really makes me feel like I know you both. I always do birthday posts.

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