What I Read in a Day

I am a pretty busy person these days. At least by my own standards. I am a work at home, homeschooling, widowed single mother to a very active five year old daughter. Pepper needs a lot of my time since her father died last summer. She gets anxious and frustrated if she has to play by herself for too long. She regressed in that regard in her grief. She is the biggest reason I don’t get reading done as often as I would like.

I get questions about how I fit so much reading time in to my schedule between work, homeschool, grief counseling, taking care of the house, taking care of the kid,  various other appointments and activities and my other hobbies.

I tried to answer the question, but I really don’t know. I read when I can and see how it goes. Some days I don’t get to read at all, other days I have to decide whether I will go to bed or lose a couple of hours of sleep to fit in reading.  I decided to choose a day and just note down every time I read, what I’m reading, how many pages I read, and what Pepper is doing at that time. On this day, my reading sessions looked like this:

  • About 530am- I woke up before Pepper and read a chapter of The Martian by Andy Weir on my phone before getting out of bed. I read for 18 minutes and finished 18 pages before I got up to go to the bathroom, find coffee, and get my workspace set up for the day.
  • About 645am- After getting everything set up Pepper was still asleep and work was slow for the moment so I took out a physical book I’m reading, Burned by Ellen Hopkins, and read until Pepper woke up. This was a total of 17 minutes. I finished 56 pages in that time. This is a young adult novel written in verse so the pages are quite short.
  • About 4pm- Pepper asked for a cuddle so she brought her Kindle and I brought Burned. I read for 19 minutes and finished another 54 pages. At that point I had more work to get done.
  • About 6pm- Pepper is settled in with a show and a snack so I take a short break and spend 10 minutes reading a chapter from A Man Called ove. I read and annotate 8 pages.
  • About 740pm- Pepper is in bed for a few more minutes of Kindle time before she falls asleep. I open up Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames and read 10 pages in 10 minutes before calling it a night and going to bed myself.

I will sometimes read more of an ebook when I get in to bed, but this night I didn’t. I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

This day I read for 74 minutes over the course of the day, made progress in four separate books, and read 146 pages between them all.  I don’t track like this with any kind of regularity, but it felt like a fairly normal reading day.

So across five reading sessions between 10 and 19 minutes each I managed to get quite a bit of reading done. I would have liked to read more, but that’s not how life was balanced this day.

How do you fit reading in to your day?

2 thoughts on “What I Read in a Day

  1. You seem very well balanced with your day and know your limits. Just be sure you take care of yourself also. Being both parents is exhausting as you have very little time for yourself. It’s good you are so organized. Maybe squeeze a bubble bath time in there where you don’t even read, just relax all of yourself. My reading time is first thing in the early morning when I do my blog and then last thing at night. Right now my days are filled too much with family and friends I am visiting.


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