Current Library Check Outs

My library closed unannounced yesterday. It was expected after all schools closed the day before, but I had been secretly hoping it would stay open long enough for me to go in and stock up on books before they closed their doors, but no dice.

Now everything here is closed except for gas stations and grocery stores. They have limited hours too and tight regulations on what you can purchase at any time. The trouble we’re running in to is that the limit isn’t enough to get through a week and I can’t drive because of my eyes so I can’t just go to the store every couple of days to replenish. Hopefully this is all over soon, but no one seems to be optimistic about that.

If I had been planning for the library to be closed I would have checked out about two dozen books for me and a lot for Pepper. Because there was no warning I have only what was already checked out. That’s 10 physical books for me. Normally that’s plenty, but most of our books are packed and moved to the new house already. We won’t be there for a couple of weeks though so we have to make due with what we have here book wise.

The ten physical books I have checked out currently are:

I almost always have five ebooks checked out as well. That’s the limit for my library. The five I have now are:

An assortment of books I’m excited to read, but I’m not sure if I should read them slowly in case we can’t get to more for a while or if I should just read them as normal and assume things will be back to normal soon. As long as we have power and internet we should be fine with ebooks as backups. Thank goodness for our library digital checkouts.

The possibility of not having books to read is really messing with my anxiety. More so than the possibility of getting sick or of running out of toilet paper. What part of quarantine is stressing you out the most? Did you get to stock up on books beforehand?

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