Readathin TBR

Happy Friday! Aside from February, I never post on Fridays, but I have a few extra posts at the beginning of this month because of some readathons I’m participating in.

The first one I’m talking about today is Readathin. It takes place throughout all of May and the information can be found on their instagram page.  There are five reading challenges.

Read a fantasy that takes place in a made up world

Read a book with a character who escapes

Read a contemporary that takes place in a country other than your own

Read a book that has been stranded on your TBR the longest

Read a book chosen by someone else

Of these I am most excited to read Nevermoor. Have you read and loved any of these books? Are you participating in Readathin?

2 thoughts on “Readathin TBR

    1. I can try to 🙂 Specifications or restrictions? Off hand I would say anything Fredrik Backman. I have also recently fallen in love with Christina Lauren. Or a book I’m very excited to read this month is This is How You Lose the Time War.


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