My Bookish Week 05/02/20

This week I finished six more books and brought my yearly total of books read up to 50. That’s half of my Goodreads goal. Hooray! 

This week I finished reading

45. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren ✰5✰ I used this book for my OWLs magical readathon prompt to read a book with a heart on the cover. I also used this book for my Pop Sugar Reading Challenge to read a book  based on a previous prompt and the prompt I chose is from 2019, read a book you think should be turned in to a movie. 

I adored this book. It was so good. I flew through it and I giggled and I cried. I wish I had an Elliot in my life and by the end I could only think of just how much I lost when my husband died last year. It made me miss him so much, but it also made me want to immediately flip the book over and read it again. This is my second Christina Lauren book and my second five star rating for them. I certainly plan to explore their other books. 

46. You & Me & Why We Are In Love by Aurelia Alcais ✰2✰ I used the book for the OWLs magical readathon prompt to read a book that was less than 150 pages. The drawings in this book of poetry were far superior to the poems. I really just didn’t enjoy reading it and will likely cut out some of the figures and turn them in to bookmarks. 

47. The Witch With a Glitch by Adam Maxwell ✰3✰ I read this book because I needed a book about a witch for the OWLS magical readathon. It was a short, free on Kindle, book and it was okay. I wouldn’t read it again and I wouldn’t read any more of the series, but I enjoyed spending an hour or so with the story. 

48. The Merman’s Kiss by Tamsin Ley ✰4✰ I had plans to read something else for the OWLs prompt to read a book about shifters, but I ran out of time to read something so long, so instead I searched shifter in free Kindle ebooks. It’s pretty much all smut so I ran with it. This novella took about an hour and half for me to read and it was very entertaining. I likely won’t read any more in the series unless there is another prompt I need to fulfill, but I’ll head back to the series, if I ever need another shifter book for a challenge. 

49. Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John ✰2✰ This was my Frebruary Booktube rereadathon book for the prompt to reread a book written or set before you were born. This book is one I remember reading over and over as a child. It was just okay for me as an adult. If I had read the back before diving in I would never have picked it up. It was so so religious. I don’t remember that from my childhood, but it was so overpoweringly religious that it was really the main point of the story and I would never read this book again. If you’re looking for a religious children’s book though, you might enjoy it. It could have been good, if it wasn’t so heavy handed. 

50. Heartstopper Vol 3 by Alice Oseman ✰5✰ This is a series I’ve been reading on Webtoons so I don’t have the actual bindups on hand, but I was looking and see that the chapter that is in this volume, I finished reading at some point a while ago, so I added it to my Goodreads list. The whole series is adorable and charming and I can’t wait for more volumes to be released. 

Next week I hope to pick up

I’m still in the middle of 13 books. This week I plan to read out of five of those as well as starting and finishing two others for readathons I’m participating in this month. The TBRs for those readathons should have been posted yesterday and tomorrow.  The books I plan to read from this week are: 

I have busy reading plans for the whole month as well as several Instagram challenges I’m planning to participate in. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but my goal is to be very very busy this month to survive my first anniversary without my husband. We should be celebrating our 10th anniversary on Monday and it’s killing me. So I’m throwing myself in to books as much as possible. 

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