Quarantineathon TBR

Quarantineathon is another readathon I will be participating in throughout most of May. April from Getting Hygge With It on Youtube has set up the challenges to take place one each full week of May so the readathon runs from May 3rd-30th.

WEEK 1 – Read a book that explores the hard times humanity has faced before. We WILL get through this too!

WEEK 2 – Read a book about a character who would be at risk from the coronavirus. Stay inside for them!

WEEK 3- Show essential workers some love by reading a book about an essential worker as a main character.

WEEK 4- Read a book about what you miss most from the normal world. Live vicariously through it!

I can’t wait to start with all of these. Are you going to participate in the Quarantineathon?

5 thoughts on “Quarantineathon TBR

  1. Thanks to you and your blog, I want to and have only just heard of it. Glad I’m on time to participate- got to pick my books. Thanks for this Lori, Good luck!

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      1. We’re doing really well. Settled in to the new house for the most part and making good use of our first yard. Sandbox and slide are in near constant use 🙂 Tomorrow should be my 10th anniversary with my late husband so I’m anticipating a very difficult and emotional day 😢 Trying to fill all waking minutes with readathons and Instagram photo challenges. So far so good.


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