OWLs Magical Readathon Wrap Up

At the beginning of April I had planned to take the courses I needed to become a Trader of Magical Tomes. I needed to fulfill four prompts and I just barely finished those four because I didn’t want to read the books I chose at the beginning of the month, but I did end up finishing eight classes including the four I needed for my chosen career. I only read 1 of the 4 books on my original TBR though.  The courses I finished, the prompts, and the book I read for that challenge are listed below.

Ancient Runes- A Book with a heart on the cover

Arithmancy- Something outside your favorite genre

Astronomy-Read the majority of this book while it’s dark outside

Charms- A book with a white cover

History of Magic- A book featuring wizards or witches

Muggle Studies- Read a contemporary

Potions- Read a book until 150 pages

Transfiguration- A book that includes shapeshifting

Overall, a successful readathon. I finished the challenges I started out to fulfill, but I didn’t read what I planned to.  I did however, have three 5 star reads and three 4 star reads. So overall it was a great reading month.

What career did you work towards this month?

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