Apps I’ve been Loving

Sleep has always been a challenge for my daughter and it’s been a challenge for me too since she was born and that is even more so the case since my husband died a year ago. Ideally when I’m up all night I would read or listen to a guided mediation or something to help calm my mind, but what I usually end up doing is wasting time with various things on my phone for hours. These are my 10 most common used apps

Scrabble Go


I have only been using this app for just over a month, but I play for hours every day. It my current biggest time waster and I have so much fun using it. I play with a lot strangers, but I can also play games with my sister in law, father in law, mother, step father, old childhood friends, etc. It’s like the board game, but more colorful, easy, and fun. If you have an account let me know and we can play a game against each other.

Happy Color 


This is a coloring by number game where you choose a color  and click the spaces in the picture with the same number as that color. I haven’t played this one very much in the past year, but while my husband was dying I played it constantly in various waiting rooms. It’s relaxing and very easy to put down at any time and pick it back up later. I still play it sometimes when I need something mindless to do when I can’t sleep.

Amazon Kindle


I own over 3000 Kindle books. I should use this app way more often than I do. I end up going back and forth between this app and the next one for ebooks and because the books I own don’t have a deadline they get neglected longer.



This app lets me borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library for 21 days at a time. Often when I read an ebook it’s from here. I always have one ebook on the go at all times.



I use Goodreads for most of my book tracking. My to be read shelf on Goodreads has every physical book I own but haven’t read. It has every book I’ve read since 2017. And I end up adding something to it at least several times a week. It is also easy to scan a book in to the app to see if I already own a copy when at a used book store. I do not use the social media aspects of this app though. I’ve never scrolled through to look at people’s updates and it always surprises me when I get a notification that someone liked an update I made. I forget other people can even see those.



I use Instagram for bookish things. I have a bookstagram attached to my blog here, but I stopped linking up posts over there with posts here a long time ago. i just post pictures of new books I buy or new books I’m reading. It is fun to scroll through and see my feed filled with pictures of books.



I use Facebook way more often and for way more things. It’s my personal facebook where I post about my and Pepper’s lives. It’s the only place I post pictures of the kiddo and my friends are all only people I know in real life. I am in several groups though. Book groups, homeschooling groups, budgeting groups, etc.



I do all of my writing for my blog on my computer, but I like to have the app on my phone to respond to comments and to read posts from people I follow.

Period Tracker


This one isn’t nearly as fun as any of the other ones here, but if you are a person that gets a period this is a very simple tracker I’ve been using since before I had Pepper, 5.5 years ago. I like that you just have two clicks to say you started your period and two clicks to say when it’s ended. The widget on my home screen with a countdown to when my period next starts is very convenient. And even though it has lots of other things you can track, weight, symptoms, exercise, etc, you don’t have to and it doesn’t bother you to do those things if you won’t want to. When my husband was alive I also appreciated the ability to link the app to a partner so he had the countdown on his phone too. I also like that the widget isn’t too obvious about what it is if you are someone that likes to be private about your cycles. It’s a green box with a butterfly and a black number. My cycle has always been really irregular so the countdown feature is usually a little off for me, but it’s usually close even with my regularity issues.

Christmas Countdown


Pepper and I love Christmas. We use this countdown all year long and have for years. You can change the background, you can change the countdown box, you can change how you are being told the amount of time left. I like to see how many seconds until Christmas, (16,713,525 at the time of writing this), Pepper likes to just see how many sleeps (194) and you can switch back and forth with a tap. It’s simple, it works, and it’s fun.

Do you use any of these apps? What app do you use most often?

3 thoughts on “Apps I’ve been Loving

  1. The only ones I don’t have are scrabbleGo HappyColor and Period checker. I have Recolor and they have Recolor by numbers. I buy most my books on Kindle and forgot about my OneDrive. I use to have a scrabble and do have Upwards which is Scrabble played in layers. I don’t have time for any of it right now but once I finally get moved, I hope to. I want to know how you stretched your 24 hour day to accomplish all you do!


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