My Bookish Week 6/20/20

I finished two more novels in verse this week. Both of them were really good.

This week I finished

74. The Way the Light Bends by Cordelia Jensen ✰5✰ This book was so good. It is about sisters nearly the same age, one adopted, one not, one black, one white, and the comparisons their parents made, which girl succeeded in the ways they valued and which clearly did not measure up. As the child that did fine academically, but didn’t exceed expectations like my brother I could relate to just never being quite good enough for my parents and how badly that makes you want to just run away or to stop trying. I really appreciated seeing that the family in the story actually talked and worked to change what they were doing oh so wrong.

75. Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai ✰4✰ This was a really powerful story about having to leave your home and trying to find a way to fit in somewhere else. I especially appreciated the story line of our main character’s mother holding out hope that her husband would show back up to save them some day. It was crushing watching her keep hoping he would magically find them a world away from where they ‘should’ have been and equally crushing when she finally gave up on his returning.

Next week I hope to continue or start

I’ll also be starting Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram X Kendi today. I’m a day behind on the readalong going on for this book over on Instagram, but I’m sure I can catch up. There is a schedule on Pagesgaloree and the readalong is going from June 19-July 25 with two discussions throughout. Are you planning to join?

.What are you reading this week?


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