Scavenger Hunt to My Next Read, Again

This challenge is a scavenger hunt to find the book you read next. I saw BooksandLala do this challenge on youtube and I thought it would be fun to try it too. You start at prompt one and find the book it asks for, then you use that book to find the next book, and so on until you find the book you will read next.

I did the challenge once before and I ended up giving the chosen book 4 stars.

This is the last post that I scheduled in June so that July was free to focus on our cross country road trip. This is the day I will be arriving home and either be crashing from exhaustion from the final day in the car or I will be so excited to be home I’ll be unpacking everything and trying to read in between loads of laundry and making a grocery order to pick up tomorrow, because our shelves are empty.

I have a full TBR for August, but I thought choosing the book I’ll start when we get home will give me something to look forward to instead of dreading getting back to normal life. So I’m doing this fun challenge again to see what my first read back from vacation will be.

1. Grab your favorite book. Go to the acknowledgements, and the first name you see, find a book by an author with the same name. I totally messed this first question up and then spent an hour trying to find a book that could fit in this first slot so I didn’t have to change everything else. I failed to find a book with acknowledgments that included an Emily or a Henry so we’re just going with it. 

I didn’t want to start with the same book so I chose to begin the hunt today with my most recent five star read, Beach Read by Emily Henry

2. Pick something on that cover and find another book with the thing in the title.

I chose the book on the cover of Beach Read to lead me to The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison

3. Go to page 50, line 5. Pick a word from that line and find a title with that word.

The line I’m looking at in The Dirty Book Club is “Uncle Ollie was dragging me toward the exit, pulling my shirt so hard I could barely breathe.” I chose the word exit which led me to No Exit by Taylor Adams.

4. Find a 5-star read with the same colors on the cover.

I chose US Against You by Fredik Backman. A deep blue cover with white text 

5. Find a book with the same number of pages.

I expected this to give me trouble, but 448 pages is apparently a popular number of pages on my shelves. Goodreads tells me I own 17 books with that number of pages. I chose The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn. 

6. Flip open to any page. The first name you see, find a book by an author who shares that name.

The name I found was Anna and the book I chose by an author with that name is Blessings by Anna Quindlen.

7. Find another title with the same number of letters.

The book I found with a title 9 letters long is Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. 

8. Find a book with a similar cover.

I chose Gemina, the second book in this series. The covers are different colors, but otherwise very similar. 

9. Flip to a random page. Point at a word, and find that word in a book title on your TBR shelf.

The word I found is over. I had two choices that strictly said over and one that said overdue, but I decided to go with Out to Pasture: But Not Over the Hill by Effie Leland Wilder. 

10. Read!

This should be short, sweet, and fun and it will be my first read back from vacation. Have you read this book before? I found it in the book sale room at my local library. 

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