July 2020 Book Haul

In July I bought or was given 37 books. I’ve actually already read 6 of them which is pretty good for me.

Some of these I bought for vacation. Some of these I bought on vacation. The last 8 are still in the mail somewhere. The last four of those I am so excited for. My late husband loved the tv show Red Dwarf. It was actually the last thing that made him laugh before he died. I recently found out that there are some books based on the show and I paid more than I should have to buy all four of the novels. I am so excited to get them and have them and read them. There are so few ways to feel connected to my late husband and this seems like a small silly way to feel close to him for a little while.

4 thoughts on “July 2020 Book Haul

  1. There are some really great books here. I find that reading makes me a better person. It is really transforming. I try to choose books that analyze and examine the human heart, but sometimes I really just like some good chick lit. Depends on my mood, I guess. Either way, keep reading. It is truly the best thing after writing.

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