The Reading Tastes Tag

I saw this tag when Shannon Ridler did it on Youtube earlier this month. The original tag was created by Sophia’s Thoughts, also on Youtube.

1. What is your favorite genre?

I read pretty much everything, but I would say my favorite genre is Science Fiction. More specifically dystopian. 

2. What is the most difficult genre for you to read?

Probably fantasy. There are always so many long names of people and places and it all gets very confusing for me.

3. What is your preferred age range?

I think the majority of my reading is adult, but I also read middlegrade and YA.

4. Are you a character driven or plot driven reader?

Character driven I believe. If I don’t care about the character I don’t care about the book.

5. Do you have a preferred perspective?

Unless it’s in second person, this is just not something I notice while I’m reading.

6. Do you have a preferred tense?

I don’t think so. I don’t think I would notice one tense over another while reading unless it suddenly changed.

7. Do you like series or stand-alone books best?

I like stand alone books better. I like to be able to open a book and have a full and complete story when I close the book at the end. I’m also impatient. I don’t usually read series because I don’t want to have to wait for more books to come out. And I have trouble remembering things from one book to the next for a series, so I often need to reread the previous books in a series to have everything fresh in my mind to read the new installment. I have been reading more series books this year though and it’s something I want to read more of in the future.

8. Which would you rather, long or short books?

Short books. Long books, anything over about 500 pages, intimidate me. I like a quick new story fix. My ideal length of book is about 250 pages.

9. Which format do you like best?

My favorite format is floppy paperbacks, but I read all styles of books except for audio.

10. What are you currently reading?

So so so many things. I’ll direct you to last week’s blog post where I share a list of the 30+ books I’m in the middle of.

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