First Sentences November 2020

It is wonderful when one sentence is enough to make you want to read a whole book. Here I share the first words of all of the books I finished last month to see if the first line alone is enough to make you want to read them. I will be using the first sentence from the first chapter and not from an introduction or prologue.

The Test by Sylvain Neuvel

I know the answer!

While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

He drove cautiously up the Thruway toward Morrison State Park.

The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C Cherry

Each morning I read love letters written for another woman.

All I want for Christmas by Wendy Loggia

I should realize it’s a bad sign when I trip hard over the entry to Winslow’s Bookshop.

I Can’t Stop Crying by John D Martin

Sarah Duncan called me a little over a year ago.

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Amma is walking along the promenade of the waterway that bisects her city, a few early morning barges cruise slowly by

Rocket City by Cathryn Alpert

Three melons and a dwarf sat in the front seat of Marilee’s ’72 Dodge, but the cop was not amused.

Sapphic in the Shadows by Leanna Headley and Alex B Porter

Her secretarial training had been long and grueling, not least because it wasn’t particularly interesting- but Ella Quick was finally making her way to her first full-time job, and that was not to be sniffed at.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

“Oh dear,” Linus Baker said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Well, the sun was shining.

Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

The train rattles as it moves beneath the city.

The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison

“You are a crook, James Bolivar diGriz,” Inskipp said, making animal noises deep in his throat while shaking a sheaf of papers viciously in my direction.

Before the Ever After by Jacqueline Woodson

The memory goes like this: Ollie’s got the ball and he’s running across my yard and my Dad comes out of nowhere, soft tackles him to the ground.

Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

In a town between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps, Friedrich Schmidt stood on the threshold of his half-timbered house, pretending to be brave.

Of these 14 opening lines, how many intrigue you enough to want to pick up the books?

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