I saw Shannon Ridler post a Journal Showdown on her Youtube Channel today. She went through all of the journals that she is currently using and shared what she uses each of them for. It was so fun to watch that I decided to share too. I have a variety of notebooks, journals, and planners that I use each day or most days or sporadically. Some are blank and some are premade or prompted. Some are creative writing, some are for journal writing, some are just ongoing lists, and one is for drawing. I have 14 books that I would consider  journals of sorts.

I have my standard planner which I mostly use for appointments or bills to pay. But some years I also heavily decorate it with washi tape, drawings, stickers, small journaling sections, etc. This year not so much, but that could always change again in the new year. I use a vertical coil bound recollections planner from Michaels.


The next book I use most often a Question a Day five year journal.  There is a question you answer on the same day each year so you can see how your answer and life has changed from one January 18th to the next.


I have a notebook where I keep a list of every book I’ve read along with my rating. I started that in 2017. I also track if it was a physically owned book.


Another notebook holds every physical book I’ve purchased or received since November 2017 and I use that to track how long books are staying on my TBR before being read. At some point last year I also started tracking how much I spend on each physical book I own.


I have a notebook where I keep various book lists and projects. The Popsugar reading challenge checklist or a list of every book by an author I enjoy for instance.


I have a notebook where I track and plan all of my blog posts and have since the beginning of my blog.


A journal I’m starting in the new year is to help me keep better track of my TBRs and monthly reading goals. I’ve been working on getting it set up bullet journal style this month.


I have a journal that is more for long hand journal writing. That journal gets used in spurts. Sometimes I write every day and other times I don’t write for six months.


Another small journal is used only for gift tracking. I keep a running list of every gift I’ve purchased for each person for each holiday throughout the year. I shop all year long to find good deals so it’s good to know in advance if I already have three presents for one person and seven for another so I can balance things out a bit.


I have another journal that is for more long term wishlist type to dos. Someday I want to run a 5K or refill my emergency fund, or finally get that bag of books to the donation site.


Another journal I use sporadically is The Widow’s Journal, I use it when I feel a need to.


I also have a One Poem a Day journal and like to use that when the writing mood strikes. It has a poem prompt for me to follow and they are varied so I can usually find something I want to write about if I’m in the mood to write something, but don’t know what.


The last two journals I have are a 642 things to draw and 642 things to write about prompted journals. They are exactly what they sound like. A simple prompt and a space big or small to write or draw about it.


I enjoy all of these even if I don’t use them as often as I would like to. What sorts of notebooks, journals, or planners do you use? What do you do with them once they are full?

2 thoughts on “#JournalShowdown

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of journals! I have an online journal app that I use, but I mostly consider my blog my journal.
    I really like the widow’s journal, and the 5 year question of the day journal! I might have to look for those in app form! Not a fan of hand writing much anymore.

    I noticed you had “A Year of Magical Thinking” on a list. That book came up in my zoom bereavement group a few weeks ago and everyone hated it. What did you think? Or didn’t you do a blog post once on good books for widows?

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