2020 Reading Goals Wrap Up

In 2020 I started the year with seven goals and a lot of hope that 2020 couldn’t possibly be any worse then 2019 where I learned that my husband had brain cancer and would then watch him die in front of me and our four year old over a four month period. And while 2020 didn’t even almost reach the level of awful that 2019 reached for me personally, it was still an overall crap year with the pandemic and unexpectedly moving and all of the other myraid of things 2020 threw at us to try to and give 2019 a run for it’s money.

I finished three of my seven goals.

  1. Read at least 100 books. I read double that.
  2. Complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge. A post with what I read for each challenge will be up tomorrow.
  3. Participate in the Booktube Rereadathon 2020. A post with what I read for each challenge will be up in two days.

The four I didn’t finish involved purchase restrictions which just did not happen and specific lists of books I wanted to read. I’m trying a new purchase limitation strategy for next year and I’m not marking any specific books to be read.

Instead of lowering my owned book collection numbers I added about 400 to my shelves.

Of the 28 specific books I wanted to read last year I only read 8 and about half of Les Miserables.

Instead of goals for next year I’m making intentions knowing that I likely won’t finish them all. My 2021 intentions will be up in a few days.

How did your 2020 plans pan out?

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