2021 Blog Intentions

What are my plans for this blog in 2021? When can you expect new posts from me? My blog became way too much like work half way through 2020. It went from being fun to being an obligation and as long as I’m making no money doing this that’s just not acceptable. So now, instead of posting three times a week like I had from the beginning of my blog to my unplanned break last summer, I’ll be posting once a week. My current plan is to post on Saturdays. 

I went through all of the posts I’ve made previously and put everything in to one of three columns. Posts I definitely want to keep doing because they are fun for me to make. Things I can take or leave. And things I just don’t want to do any more. I settled on five things I want to post every month that are either book blog staples or just ones that I really enjoy doing for myself. 

I will be posting:

  • a monthly TBR
  • a book haul for the previous month
  • a haul revisit for the month coming up
  • first sentences of the books finished in the current month
  • a monthly wrap up with titles and my ratings for everything I read. 

Those five posts are all I’m committing myself to. I will likely have other posts thrown in as well. Tags, readathon TBRs, book reviews, random life updates, homeschool focused posts, and anything else I want to share. But all of those things will be posted sporadically. 

I’ll see you here every Saturday and likely more often than that. Here is a to a 2021 filled with joy and great books!

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