2021 Reading Intentions

In 2020 my reading was a little crazy. I read a lot and I enjoyed most of it, but for a few months at the end of the year it felt like an obligation instead of a hobby. That was entirely because I was in the middle of about 40 books at the same time. My biggest intention for my reading this year is to be in the middle of only two books at any one time. Even if that means I read far fewer books this year then I did last year. 

I have trouble focusing when I’m only reading one book at a time so I’ll read a chapter, put it down and then maybe come back to it again later that day or maybe not. When I have a lot of books on the go at the same time I read a chapter from one and then another and another and it keeps me excited and reading and interested. But I never finish anything that way and it’s stressful. 

So this year I’m going to try really hard to stick to just two books at a time. One physical book I read from throughout the day and one kindle book that I read in bed at night or when I am out of the house. 

While following those guidelines I believe my reading speed will fall. I’m just not sure by how much. So I’m setting my Goodreads goal this year to 60 books. Last year I read 200 so 60 doesn’t seem like a challenging goal for me personally. But, I’m hoping the low target will help me slow down the constant starting of books and let me be excited for each new start and each new finish.  I’m also hoping the slower pace will help with my fear of reading long books.

I averaged about 17 books a month in 2020, but am planning to make TBRs of just five books each month this year. I plan to choose books to fit in to five categories that are important to my intentions right now. These should all be books I already own at the time the TBR is made. I will choose a book to reread, an ebook, a book from my haul revisit for 2020, the oldest book on my TBR, and a book Pepper gets to choose for me each month. 

That shortened TBR will help me focus on projects I have and it will also leave lots of room for any readathon TBRs too. 

I also plan to participate in several reading challenges like the Popsugar reading Challenge and 52 books in 52 weeks. I’ll be sharing more about the challenges I’ve chosen to work on in tomorrow’s post. 

And that’s all. Read 60 books, read only 2 books at a time, with a few extra fun things thrown in when I want to work on them. I’m hoping for a great and fun year of reading.

Do you have any reading intentions or goals this year?  

One thought on “2021 Reading Intentions

  1. This is so interesting to me because I have always been the type of person who could not have more than book on the go. It confuses me and I don’t get to fully appreciate each book I’m reading. But you are right, I read significantly less because of it. This year, I want to make sure I have at least one book on the go, because last year I got in the bad habit of finishing a book and not finding another right away. Best of luck!

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