2021 Reading Challenges

In 2020 I participated in the Booktube Rereadathon and the Popsugar Reading Challenge. I enjoy the year long reading challenges that give me prompts to fulfill throughout the year. This year I’ve somehow ended up with 12 year long challenges I’ve penciled in to my reading journal to try and complete this year. Some are repeats and some are new ones I’ve learned about this year and decided to try. I’ve included a link where I can, a brief description, and my favorite prompt if applicable.

  1. Popsugar Reading Challenge– 40 standard plus 10 advanced prompts
    • I’m most excited to read an Afrofuturist book
  2. 52 Books in 52 Weeks-52 prompts
    • I am most excited to read a book with a nameless narrator
  3. Around the Year in 52 Books-52 prompts
    • I am most excited to read a book that might cause someone to react “You read what?!?”
  4. Booktube Rereadathon– I did this last year and enjoyed it. I haven’t seen a 2021 version yet so I’ve simply chosen 12 books I want to reread this year and slotted them in to months. If prompts show up at some point I might move the books around a bit to fit them.
    • I am most excited to reread The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. My new favorite book of all time. I can’t wait to reread and annotate it.
  5. BooksandLaLa’s Buzzwordathon-12 prompts, one for each month
    • I am most excited for space/galaxy terms
  6. Diversify You Reading Challenge– 16 prompts total, one for each month, and an extra for each quarter
    • I am most excited to read a science fiction book in October
  7. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge– 24 challenges
    • I am most excited to read a romance starring a single parent
  8. Pretty Mess Reading Challenge-26 prompts
    • I’m most excited for a book you saw someone reading
  9. Reading Women Challenge-24 prompts and 4 bonus authors to read from
    • I am most excited to read a book with a protagonist older than 50
  10. Build Your Own Library-41 challenges
    • I am most excited to read a play.
  11. A to Z Title Challenge-This is a challenge to read a book that starts with the letter A, B, C, etc. So 26 prompts. I don’t have a link for this one.
  12. By the Years- This is a challenge I heard about someone doing, but don’t have a link to because I couldn’t find one. You read a book published in every year from the year you were born all the way through to 2021. I was born in 1987 so from then until 2021 will give me 35 prompts to fill in.

Twelve reading challenges and 374 reading prompts between them. I am certain I can double, triple, etc up on all books read though. For challenges I do, I don’t count one book for more than one prompt on any individual challenge, but I will defiantly count it for one prompt on each of the 12 challenges if I can make it fit something. That means potentially, if I could find specific books, a single book could cross of 12 prompts from the 374. Obviously every book won’t work that way, but figuring out where books I read can fit is a big part of the fun for me. I typically read whatever I want to and then fit the books in to prompts when I am finished. The ones with prompts for specific months I do the other way around though. Around November, if I have any prompts remaining I seek out books to fit the rest of the prompts. This is totally just for fun so I won’t be stressing myself out to complete these lists, but I think they are really fun to try. Are you doing any year long reading challenges this year?

One thought on “2021 Reading Challenges

  1. I finally drafted my post for my 2021 challenges and I ended up with 10 and that’s not including the 3 that are included in the planner I use but those inn not actively doing I’m just filling them in as I read something that fits. I’ll be sharing my post next week sometime.

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