Quarter One Readathon TBRs

This year I’m participating in 12 year long readathons. Most of them don’t have specific time frames for when you complete the prompts, but a few do. The ones without time frames I don’t plan. I just read whatever I want and then slot them in to prompts afterwards. The challenges that have a specific prompt for specific months are what I’ll share here. There are three of these. 

The BooksandLaLa’s Buzzwordathon has 12 prompts, one for each month. The prompt word or concept should be somewhere in the title. 

The Diversify Your Reading Challenge has 16 prompts total, one for each month, and an extra for each quarter. They are genres.

Last year my rereading challenge was different, but this year it’s not running as far as I can tell so I’ve just chosen 12 books to reread and assigned them to months sort of arbitrarily. The first three books I’ll be rereading for this challenge are:

Are you reading any of these books in the first quarter of 2021?

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