What I Read in January 2021

In January I read 9 books. A link to goodreads, my rating and brief thoughts, and any prompts I used them for in my yearly reading challenges are listed below.

  • The Midnight Library by Matt Haig ✰5✰ This book meant so much to me. It helped me look at my regrets over my husband’s death as something that I can live along side and not get lost in. This book left me feeling hopeful that I can find joy in the life I have, even if it’s not a life I want or would have chosen. Reading challenge prompts I used this book for are:
    • Popsugar-A book set in multiple countries
    • 52 books in 52 weeks-A book featuring the environment
    • Pretty Mess- Goodreads 2020 Winner
    • By the Years- published in 2020
    • A-Z- Starts with an M
    • Around the Year in 52 books-has a building in the title
    • Build Your Own Library- Set in a library
    • Diversify Your Reading- Quarter One Goal to read an Award Winner
  • What Lies Between Us by John Marrs ✰4✰ This was such a refreshingly fast read after feeling like I haven’t been making much progress in books lately. It was a compelling story that kept me second guessing the characters the whole way through. I could see myself making some of the same choices the mother made to protect her daughter and that scared me. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work. Reading Challenge prompts I used this book for are:
    • Popsugar-A book about forgetting
    • 52 books in 52 weeks-First chapter ends on an odd page
    • Pretty Mess-A book you own but haven’t read
    • A-Z- Starts with a W
    • Around the Year in 52 books- A book with a female villain or criminal
    • Build your Own Library- A book with a house on the cover
  • Is this Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld ✰3✰ This book was really funny for the most part, but as the book went on the jokes and jabs about how fat people are and how that disgusts him got to be way too much for me.
    • Popsugar-A book with a black and white cover
    • 52 Books in 52 Weeks- written by an author over 65
    • Pretty Mess Reading- A celebrity Memoir
    • A-Z- Starts with an I
    • Around the Year in 52 Books-A book with a monochromatic cover
    • Build Your Own Library-A book that makes you feel nostalgic
  • Old School by Jeff Kinney ✰5✰ This series is just so fun. I really enjoy every page of these books.
    • Read Harder-Read a middle grade mystery
    • 52 Books in 52 Weeks- A book you’d rate five stars
    • Around the Year in 52 books-A book written by an author of one of your best reads of 2020
    • Popsugar-A book set almost entirely outdoors
    • Pretty Mess-Next book in a series
    • Build Your Library-A sequel you have been meaning to pick up
    • A-Z-Starts with an O
    • By the Years-published in 2015
  • The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain ✰4✰ This book was so much harder, emotionally, to read than I thought it would be. The writing was lovely and the story was captivating.
    • Buzzwordathon- Dream in the title 
    • Read Harder- Read a book featuring a beloved pet that doesn’t die
    • 52 Books in 52 Weeks- a dual timeline
    • Around the Year in 52 Books-Book relating to the past
    • Popsugar-A book featuring three generations
    • Pretty Mess Reading-A genre you don’t usually read (historical fiction)
    • Reading Women-A book with a cover designed by a woman
    • Build Your Library- A genre you never pick up
    • A-Z – starts with D
    • By the Years- published in 2018
  • Be Happy by Monica Sheehan ✰5✰ This was a very small and short gift book. Few words, illustrations on every page. Cute and simple for what it is. 
  • 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff ✰3✰ This was not everything I expected it to be. Big chunks of time were missing from the story and I just didn’t get enough of a connection to the characters. I’m in the minority here though because it is a very well loved book.
    • Read Harder-read a book with a cover you don’t like
    • 52 Books in 52 Weeks-An epistolary book
    • Around the Year in 52 Books- A short book by a new to you author
    • Popsugar-A book about a subject you are passionate about
    • Pretty Mess-Based on a true story
    • Build Your Library-A book by an author you have never read from before 
  • Angels And Demons by Dan Brown ✰4✰ I ended up enjoying this book way more than I thought I would, even though I spent months making my way through it. 
  • Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram X Kendi ✰4✰ I spent six or seven months slowly making my way through this book. It was very slow going for me, but an important book for someone like me who knew far less about the racist history of the US then I would have thought. 

What did you read in January?

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