What My Six Year Old is Getting for Her Birthday

Miss Pepper turns six in just two days. She has had a lot of changes this year, most of them positive. She is going to be getting three main gifts this year. One from me, one from her Grandfather, and one from her Grandmother and Grandfather.

A few smaller things I’ll be giving her are a new sketch book and drawing pencils, a stack of learn to draw animals books, and two surprise toys, an LOL Doll and a Rainbowcorn Surprise.

The big gift she asked me for is an instant camera. She wants to take pictures and then use her watercolors to paint the things she photographs. I got her the Instax Mini 11 in lilac with all the accessories and enough extra film that she can take 110 pictures.

Her grandfather, my late husband’s dad, is getting her a Lego set she asked for and he also got her an extra kit to go with it. She is a big fan of Lego and video games so this set should be a lot of fun for her.

The gift my mother and her husband got for Pepper is something she’s been asking for for months, but isn’t expecting to get so soon. We’ve been talking about it as a possible some day item so this will be the biggest surprise of the day. Pepper started music lessons in November and her favorite instrument so far is drums. It’s the only thing she’s used at every single lesson and she keeps asking for her own set. Grandma decided to get her a shiny purple set of decent drums that she should hopefully be able to use for a few years before she outgrows them.

This should be the best birthday ever for my sweet amazing kiddo. I can’t wait to see her excitement when she sees those drums.

10 thoughts on “What My Six Year Old is Getting for Her Birthday

  1. Happy almost-birthday to Pepper! And happy birthday for the day if you do not do another post (but if you do I will comment). The gifts look cute. I love the look of the camera. I am so glad this year has been mostly positive for her. May it continue to be for you both.

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  2. How awesome! I wish you could video it and post it. Theses are perfect gifts for her to release energy and emotions in a creative way. Being a Grandma I know how much fun it is to get the noisy gifts, lol. Tell her Happy Birthday from me. What are your birthday wishes?

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    1. Thank you! ❤️ I was planning to rent a drum set from where she takes lessons, but Grandma wanted to buy some instead so it all worked out. I can’t wait until she gets them 🙂 For the most part I only share her picture or videos on my personal Facebook page. As far as my birthday wishes, I’m usually pretty satisfied by books. Otherwise my list would include a new tattoo or some new watercolor paints. Non-stuff related would be eyes that work perfectly all the time and a happy healthy kiddo. I hope you make it through Valentine’s Day with some joy wherever you can find it ❤️

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  3. What awesome gifts for Pepper on her birthday! I bet she will be thrilled. Sorry I’ve not been commenting much, but I too have been having eye issues, which are getting worse unfortunately. Have a great time at the birthday party.

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