Long Term Reading Projects

I don’t usually make TBRs because it feels too ridged. I don’t like feeling like reading is homework. ie. read pages 100-212 tonight and pages 213- 345 tomorrow. When I see page numbers written down I immediately rebel and want to read any book but the one listed. So short term reading goals often don’t work for me.

Long term reading goals are fun though. And with no real deadline it’s not worrisome for me if I don’t work on one for a month, or several, at a time.

Long term reading projects I have range from reading all of the books by a favorite author to reading all winners of the Newbery Award to reading a specific set of recommended books in a genre I enjoy.

The project I’ve been working on the longest is my goal to read all of the Newberry Award winning books all the way back to the beginning in 1922. I started this challenge in September 2017 and of the 97 books on the list I have read 9 so far. I was progressing in this challenge by ordering one book from the list from my library each month, but have fallen off the wagon a bit with this one.

The next challenge I started in about September too. That goal is to read every book written by Lois Lowry. I have read 13 of the 44 on the list so far and have fallen off this wagon as well after reading a few that I didn’t like so much. They weren’t bad, just not as good as The Giver quartet. Those are the books that made me want to read everything she has written.

The third goal is sitting at 2 out of 17 books written by Anne Lamott. I’ve read at least 3 or 4 of the others, but that was long ago and I plan to reread them.

The next challenge is a list of books about writing. Many of them rereads and others ones that I’ve meant to read for some time. I am sitting at 3 out of 15 read and another 1 started.

The other genre specific list of books are dystopian reads. I have a list of 38 dystopian books that I want to read. So far I have read 1 and that was The Stand by Stephen King.

I’m also hoping to read Fredrik Backman’s books (1/8) and all of Seanan McGuire’s books (3/37) though I think those lists are outdated.

I keep track of my long term reading goals in my bookish bullet journal with simple checkbox lists like these.


Do you have any long term reading goals? How do you keep track of your progress?

If you want to know the specific books on any of my lists let me know.


July Monthly Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s that time of the month, for me at least. I’m setting up for the following month in my bullet journal. This is when appointments and bills start coming in for the next month and I need a place to write them down besides my future log. ┬áThis is my favorite part of the month. It’s when I create the most pages at once.

I switched at the beginning of this year to a more traditional calendar format for my monthly. I just love the way it looks.


I LOVE my Zebra Mildliners! I use them in almost every spread I make. The large orange numbers and the words July and Goals are written with the orange one in this spread.

I will fill in the bills, appointments, etc on top of the orange numbers and write my goals along the blank column on the right. The days of the week stickers are from my favorite Etsy shop createdbydanielle1

My second two page spread in my monthly set up is very simple. It has the word gratitude on the top left and strips of orange washi tape on the bottom of the left page and the top of the right page. I use these pages to write down or draw things I am grateful for or that make me happy throughout the month.

The third two page spread is very similar. It is the word Anxiety on the top of the left page and a strip of washi down the left side of the left page and the right side of the right page. I use this space to write down everything that is triggering my anxiety. It helps to reduce the panic attacks if I get it out of my head for a bit.

The final two page spread in my monthly set up includes a page I title currently on the left hand side.


This page has space for things I am doing or enjoying this month.

On the right hand side of that final spread is a page where I plan what I will post here on my blog each Monday and Thursday as well as what I will post on my facebook page daily.

As soon as we get to July I will start writing dailies on the following page.

Bullet Journal Reusable Shopping List

Bullet Journal Reusable Shopping List

I’m setting up my new bullet journal to begin in July. It is an A5, squared, lemon Leuchtturm1917. One of the first pages I knew I wanted to transfer over from my old notebook is my two page spread featuring my running shopping list and a running list of things I’m waiting on. The center orange part is a 4 x 6 inch post it note.

I used to have a small section on my weekly spreads for shopping list items for the week, but found I sometimes needed more space than was allowed by that set up. I moved the shopping list to this spread at that point. I like the post it note because I can add what I need to the list, put it on my organized weekly shopping list when I’m meal planning, and simply cross the item off on the post it note in the spread. I then keep using the same post it until it has all been written on and crossed off. At that point I can simply remove the used up post it note and put in a new one to start fresh.

The Waiting On spread works in a similar way. I use it for packages I’m waiting for in the mail. As soon as I order something I usually add the name of the item to the list. Once it ships I add how it was shipped (ups, usps, fedex, etc) and the last few numbers from the tracking number. Once the tracking has been updated I add the expected date of delivery. After it arrives I cross the item off and like the shopping list, once it has been filled and crossed off to completion I swap it for a fresh post it.

I use this two page spread so often it is where one of my two bookmarks live at all times. I am certain it will be a constant in my bullet journals for the foreseeable future.

My Toddler’s Mark on my Bujo

My Toddler’s Mark on my Bujo

My toddler loves everything she isn’t supposed to have. My bullet journal is no exception. My bullet journal sits open on my desk all day, every day. She constantly comes over to me and sets things on top of it, usually snack containers she wants refilled or milk cups that have been emptied or are mysteriously leaking. When she is done with a toy or wants help with something or just wants me to see what she has it goes on top of my journal.

Because of this, there are tiny sneaker prints on pages, milk droplets, chocolate finger prints, crayon lines on important pages, pen marks, mysterious smears from baby wipes she used to clean up her own mess and then dropped on top of my journal instead of in to the trash can, and a long smear or yuck along the outside edges of the pages where she sat down a squishy piece of banana she decided she didn’t want to eat after all.

You would think with all of that my bullet journal would smell, but somehow, miraculously, it doesn’t. Perhaps I get it cleaned quickly enough that the smell is dispelled even if the stain isn’t.

My bullet journal is my third most loved thing, being surpassed only by my daughter and husband. It is the only object that is only mine. Or it used to be, before my daughter was this mobile.

It took a while, and some days I’m still not terribly accepting, but I’m getting over the little things. The smears of food, the small pen marks, the random stickers she likes to put in there for me. I know I’ll miss all the mess when she’s too big to want to do everything I do and my journal is once again empty of food. In the end, as long as my bullet journal fulfills it’s function of keeping me on track with goals and to do items then we’re still on the right track.

In the mean time I’ve devoted a page here and there to my toddler. A page she can do whatever she pleases on. And a few collaborative pages like this one.



I also add notes next to her additions. “Gross, banana” or “P got excited about her new crayons!” and they always make me smile when I flip through my journals.

In the end, a page can be remade. My toddler’s joy and creativity and for all things Momma can not be rebuilt so easily.

My Bullet Journal when my Child is Sick

My Bullet Journal when my Child is Sick

I use my bullet journal every day. It’s my hobby as well as my planner and to do list. I use it to keep track of my busy life, appointments for myself, husband, and daughter, when bills are due, and so much more.

Another thing I began doing as soon as I had a bullet journal was to write down when we’ve had medicine. I simply add a note to the side of my daily spread. It might say, P-cold tabs- 826am. That means P, my daughter, had cold tablets at 826am. This lets me easily see who took what, when, and it’s easy to tell if more medication can be taken.

Our family doesn’t use much medication so it’s something I’m naturally bad at remembering.

When my daughter was sick for the first time it just seemed natural for me to keep track of symptoms, dosages, temperatures, and other incidents in a running list on my daily. I used this mostly for myself. How long has it been since P has thrown up? Is her fever higher or lower than it was just before she took medicine again this morning? When is her next dosage? What did I have success getting her to eat?

My simple running list was invaluable to me. But it proved to be even more so for her pediatrician. When she was sick enough to need to take her to the doctor to ease my mind I was able to easily rattle off all the answers to their questions pretty much down to the minute.

She last ate crackers at 1030 this morning, she had a little bit of apple juice at 11am and she last took Motrin at noon. Her highest fever was 102.4 and it’s been coming down steadily since this morning.

Even though it ended up being just a stomach flu, and we all just had to get through it and keep her as comfortable as possible, I was so grateful to have the list to give the doctor. There was no need for me to try and remember all of those details and hope they were accurate. I could speedily give the information and know that it was correct.

That is just one more reason I love my bullet journal!