1000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

One of our local libraries started a new program two weeks ago called “1000 Books Before Kindergarten.” They handed out trees with apples to color in. Three double sided sheets have the first 300 apples for the project. We took them home and set them in a place I would remember to color the apples in.

In truth I thought it was a silly program for someone like my daughter who requests stories to be read to her all the time. We will sometimes read the same story a dozen times in a row. I laughed and thought how ridiculous the program was. We would be done with the first tree in a week I thought to myself.

Here we are two weeks later and we have 54 apples filled in. I’m not sure if that’s because I just can’t remember to color in the apple after a story, if I’m underestimating how many books we’ve read when I get back to my desk after a long reading session, or if we really have only read 54 books in the past two weeks. I’m not saying that’s bad by any means, just that it’s less than I expected.

Reading 1000 books to your child can sound like a lot if you don’t read often, or even if you do, but it is a challenge that is completely worth tackling. If your child is one day old, read to your child. If your child is a screaming three year old that only wants to read books about dump trucks or sword fights, read to your child. Even if your child starts kindergarten in a week and there is no chance you will finish the challenge in time, read to your child. If your child is twelve and willing to listen to you read out loud to them, read to your child. Reading to your child is never amiss.

Hearing us, as parents or caregivers, read out loud to them and seeing us reading for our own pleasure are great ways to show children that reading is fun and what child doesn’t want to do something fun.

Are you going to take on the challenge with your toddler?


My Current To Be Read Pile

My Current To Be Read Pile

Reading is always something I’ve loved to do. I had been an avid reader from the time I learned how at about age three until I had my daughter nearly two and a half years ago. After becoming a mother I found myself never having the time, the brain power, or the quiet I now found myself needing in order to focus on the words.

I missed reading terribly. So at the beginning of this year I set myself a goal to read 17 books in 2017. So far I’ve finished eight this year. I think that’s more than I managed to read in all of 2016.

My to be read pile is always larger than I can possibly finish in a reasonable amount of time. Especially because most of the time the books are from the library and I have a three week time limit before I have to return them, sometimes it can be expanded to six weeks if no one is waiting for it.

I am pretty certain I won’t finish every book on my current stack, but these are what I am hoping to read soon.

Currently I am reading ‘Illuminae’ by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. It’s a book I’ve read before and loved. My library recently purchased the sequel, ‘Gemina,’ and I couldn’t wait to read it. But I decided that I would need a refresher on the first book before I could dive in to the second. What was going to be a skim through became a full read. I’m hoping to finish both of these books before they have to be returned and everything else I want to read is falling behind those two.

Two other books on my list have been on my list for a while. They are ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod and ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen. These two have been on my list nearly since I started bullet journaling over a year ago. Those two I purchased and am excited to read.

The last three books on my to be read pile are ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon discovered through a commercial that showed before a video on Youtube; ‘Everything Leads to You’ by Nina LaCour I believe was recommended in a Youtube book review I watched; and “The You I’ve Never Known’ by Ellen Hopkins I found while ¬†browsing the library. Ellen Hopkins is a long time favorite author. I love the format of her books and the stories always grab me deeply. She is the one author my husband always dreads for me to read because I always end up sobbing uncontrollably at the end.

I positive I won’t get to all of these books before they are due to be returned, but I am making the effort to squeeze in some ‘me time’ and get back to reading something that is just for me.