Wreck this Journal with My Husband

Wreck this Journal with My Husband

My husband is actually the one that found Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. He found the book while browsing at Micheal’s on a rare date night. He got excited and brought the book home eager to fill the pages with fun.

My husband is the kind of person who, when he gets excited about something, anything, everyone else can’t help but get excited too. I spent my fun money the following month buying all of the Keri Smith books I could fit in my modest budget and my husband did the same.

We had fun filling pages and doing the crazy things the pages asked us to do. As cynical adults most of our pages were sarcastic. DSC02078.JPG

We were having fun though. On a date night the following month, our anniversary actually, we spent the night eating food at home, watching our favorite movie, and delving in to our Wreck this Journal books. I set the table up with snacks, wine, and as many art supplies as I could find. We were simply flipping through pages are random and working on whichever project caught our eye in the moment.

My favorite part was seeing how differently our pages ended up. A page asked us to fill it with white things. I set to work immediately creating this: DSC02083.JPG

I loved it! A little bit snarky. Technically following the rules. Absolutely perfect. It still might be my favorite page.

I watched and waited for my husband to tackle the page. Her started slowly. Very slowly. In fact, over a year later, his page still isn’t filled. He has been collecting interesting pieces of material that are white. He has part of a plastic cup, some plastic wrap from something at work, a piece of a thick paper towel, and so much more.

Each page reflects the creator so perfectly. I’m bright and loud and impulsive and when I get an idea in my head I go for it and keep going for it until the space is all filled. My husband is methodical and he thinks things through. He lays the pieces out just right and makes sure they lay the way he wants then to before he gets out the glue.

That’s not to say he doesn’t let his fun side show, even with his Wreck This Journal. He also took a drill to it and made two holes that go all the way through the book for a page that says to cut through several layers. To be fair, he also planned that out for weeks to figure out which size drill bit and where the holes would fall.

This has been a fun adventure that we have not yet finished. Life got in the way as it tends to do. We’ll go back to it I’m sure. In fact we have plans to buy the boxed set and tackle them with our daughter once she gets just a bit older. We’ve even discussed making it an annual or biannual event.

I can’t wait to see what our daughter does with each page as well as what my husband and I come up with with each successive trial. No matter what we end up doing it’s sure to be an adventure as we Wreck this Journal.

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Have you heard about the fun and wonder that are Keri Smith books? I had vaguely heard about Wreck This Journal years ago, but never looked in to it. Who wants to ruin a book? Certainly not this former library worker.

Then my husband stumbled upon several of her books at Michael’s a couple of months ago and became enamored. After watching him having so much fun and being so creative with the first book he picked up “Finish This Book” I decided I had to have some too.

We are on a pretty tight budget so we each get $10 a week to spend on whatever we want, an allowance if you will. I spend all of the next months allowance on a few of her books. My husband did the same and we are each up to six of her books apiece now.

These books ask you to do strange and sometimes scary things, especially for grownups. Would you willingly tear a page from a book? And then freeze it, float it, give it away? Would you wipe paint, ink, or food on the pages? That’s the sort of thing I scold my toddler for. I didn’t think I would have any fun with the books at first, but having the clear directions that can then be interpreted in any way you see fit is very freeing. It is so creative and so much fun.

I find everything as a possible piece to use in my Keri Smith books now. When I was at the park with my daughter the other day I brought home a stick for a page that you are supposed to use strange objects to draw lines with. I’ve also used mascara on that page and plan to use a straw, a fork, and a flower. I brought home a tiny yellow leaf that I thought be great on a page of found things. A penny that I found outside while waiting for a pizza delivery? That went in my book too! Stickers from fruit and stamps off of mail are fodder for their designated pages.

These books are all similar, but also all very unique. My husband and I can’t wait for our daughter to get older and we plan to buy the Wreck This Journal by the box set of four so we can all be working on them together. I think it’s great fuel for the creative perfectionist. You are given permission to do something fun and usually destructive to the book and the objects you may place inside. I don’t tend to take time to think beforehand. I just do. And often I really like how my pages have turned out.

There is no wrong way to complete a Keri Smith book and that makes them even more amazing. I’ll be posting some pictures of my completed pages in a separate post. I will leave you with a link to her author page on Amazon. I’m off to collect pocket lint, my hair, random items or smells, or to tear out a page and throw it through the wash.

Happy wrecking!